On October 15th, 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they are expecting a baby, due in Spring 2019. The name and gender of the baby are still unknown, but fans and followers of the royal couple are already trying to make predictions!

Meghan is currently about twelve weeks pregnant, meaning that her baby will likely be born towards the end of the month of April. The child will be their first, and sources say that the couple announced the pregnancy at Princess Eugenie of York's wedding on October 12th, although the news was not made public until today.

One interesting thing is that the baby may not technically be a prince or princess, as it will not be a close enough relative to Queen Elizabeth. The royal family's 1917 rule dictates that, because Prince Harry is the second son of the current Prince, they will not automatically be considered royalty.

More specifically, it is seventh in line for the throne. That being said, if Her Majesty so desires, she can still declare Meghan and Harry's child as a prince or princess.

Regardless of if the baby is considered royalty or not, it will still have a title! If the couple has a son, the boy will be called "Earl of Dumbarton," and if they have a daughter, the girl will be called "Lady [name] Mountbatten-Windsor." The decision ultimately lies in Queen Elizabeth's hands.

The royal family and its fans are all, of course, very happy about this news! The announcement came as a shock to some people, but others were expecting that something was going on. Since August, the Duchess has been hiding her stomach by wearing baggier clothes. In addition, just this week, she was spotted holding folders in front of her abdomen as if to hide a baby bump.

Congratulations to the couple, and best of luck for them and their family!