Meet the Reporter: What I am Thankful for

During this holiday season, The Odyssey Online at ASU reporters wants you to get to know us! enjoy this holiday-themed post and learn what we are thankful for!

With excitement as I travel to my hometown in Mexico, I can't help but remind myself how grateful I am to be part of the Martinez family. Since I was born I was raised in a warming and loving environment surrounded by the charisma of my aunts and the humor my uncles. The moments I spend with my family and the little but meaningful things they do is what keeps me motivated and eager to continue with my goals and my career.

Not only my family is what keeps me sane during these, sometimes chaotic, times as a college student. I'm grateful for the friends that I've made throughout the year, those who deal with my character and laugh at my awkward bad jokes. Thank you for being there for me! And similarly, I am thankful for allowing me to be part of your life as well. For the never-ending friendships, cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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