A First Look Into A Few Main Characters To Join Your World In The Near Future
Blaise Faust - Vampire Goddess/Half Elemental Angel/Calls upon all five elements

Love interest: Men

Birthday: September 21st, 1840

Born and raised in Bulgaria


Five foot eight inches

Emerald green eyes

long, thick, dark lashes

Auburn hair

long, thick, wavey

Fairly tan skin

Perfect eyebrows

Hourglass figure (size 16 jeans)

Strong and agile

When her true abilities awaken, her body will be covered in ancient markings, her hair will be white, and her green eyes will glow.


Fun, caring, outgoing, brave, impulsive, romantic, confident, truthful, determined, open-minded, strong-willed, loving, intelligent, tough, stern, daring.

Derek Faust (Blaises' younger brother) - Half Elemental Angel/Half Demon/Calls upon Spirit

Love interest: Men

Birthday: April 1st, 1845

Born and raised in Bulgaria


Six foot

Dark auburn hair

Down to his ears, covers his forehead, and stylishly messy

Emerald green eyes

Dark medium lashes

Fairly tan skin

Athletic build (not lanky, but not a bodybuilder)


Slight hot head, caring, daring, stubborn, easy going, lacks confidence, protective, playful, impulsive, rebellious, serious, sensitive.

Blaise and Derek's mother was the last full-blooded elemental angel. They have different fathers. Derek’s real father raped his mother. She knew that Derek would be special, so she carried Derek to term even though she knew it would kill her.

Logan Matthew - Half demon/Half human - Derek's older half-brother


Six foot one

Dark hair

Short with white tips

Dark eyes

Thick medium length lashes


Loyal to his father, but also questions him. Hard working, Observant, Steadfast, Struggles hard with who he is

Their dad (Derek’s/Logan’s) kidnaps Logan's mother and rapes her, keeping her hostage until Logan is ready to be born. He becomes breached, so their dad tears him out of the woman's womb and she dies.

Both rapes were part of his plan to start the war of the races

Aria Russak- Changeling/ Calls upon the Element of Air

Female - Bisexual - Orphan


Five foot six inches

Strawberry blonde hair

Medium length

Loose curls

Bright blue eyes

Thick lashes

Moderate amount of freckles

Moderately pale

Slightly overweight with an hourglass figure


Bubbly. Forgiving, Kind hearted, Powerful, Spunky, Shy, Easy Going, Honest, Worrisome, Overthinker, and Anxious.

Samuel Sharpe - Lycan (Native American)/ Calls upon the Element of Earth

Blaise’ significant other


Six foot two inches

Dirty blonde hair ((((Dark brown to fit his native side?))))

Shorter on the side and back

Longer and styled on top

Hazel eyes

Husky voice

Warming smile



Loveable, Loving, Caring, Slight temper, Trusting, Trustworthy, Protective, Overbearing, Easy going, Calm, Tough, and Honest.

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