Meet My Dog: Quinci Who Lives In New York City
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Meet My Dog: Quinci, A Corgi Who Lives In New York City

Rumor has it, 'Baby Got Back' was written about Quinci.

Meet My Dog: Quinci, A Corgi Who Lives In New York City

The first kind of dog I remember being obsessed with were corgis. I use to watch puppy corgi videos on repeat and cry whenever I saw one in public (no joe, ask any of my friends.) My dreams came true last February when I got to pick up my very own corgi in Sacramento, California. Ever since then, Quinci has been my partner in crime and a roommate I ALWAYS wanted.

Here is some more information about Quinci.

About Quinci:

  • Age: 1-year-old
  • Weight: 25 pounds of pure sass
  • Where she was born: Oregon
  • Favorite Food: Chicken jerky from Trader Joe's
  • Current Location: New York City
  • Nicknames: Q, Sneakers, Splooter, Fuzz buns, Little Princess
  • Best Friend: Her mom and probably any person who gives her a treat
  • Favorite toy: TBH, anything with a squeaker

5 Random Facts About Quinci:

1. Will try to eat anything that is on your wrists, especially scrunchies

2. Huge fan of water bottles

3. Loves being chased around

4. Has the best sploot in town

5. Will give anyone she meets a big kiss

3 Places They Love To Go With Their Human:

1. Dog beach in Huntington Beach, CA

2. The local dog park

3. Anywhere other dogs will be

The Best Pictures Of Quinci's Ever Taken:

The Best Videos Of Quinci Ever Taken:

Want to follow Quinci's Instagram?

Instagram: @quincithecorgi

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