'Meet Me In St. Louis' Review

As a huge Judy Garland fan, I have been trying to watch all of her movies, and recently I crossed "Meet Me In St. Louis" off that list. Here are 10 thoughts I had throughout the film!

1. This "Meet Me In St. Louis" song will never not be in my head again, will it?

By the time we are 10 minutes in, three characters have already sang this song, and I know most of the words.

2. Judy Garland really is gorgeous

And no, I'm not just partial to gingers. She is one of the prettiest actresses in history but lived her entire life trying to change herself to please movie producers. This is the first picture where she is not wearing her studio issued dental caps and "nose disks."

3. This party looks awesome

Everyone is having a good time, everyone is dressed all fancy... Looks like a good time to me!

4. How old is Margaret O'Brien in this? 

Keep in mind, Judy is 4'11, which makes Margaret TINY. I actually ended up Googling this while I was watching, and she was 6 going on 7. Seriously, the amount of talent in such a little baby is incredible!

5. I wish people actually sang like this on the subway when someone was feeling lovey-dovey

10/10 would improve any and all commutes.

6. Are Tootie's dolls okay?

What are these 4 fatal diseases? How did this happen? Why is this man so calm about this?

7. Tootie! No! What is this terrible flour thing? What happened to trick-or-treating?

Who are these kids, starting fires, burning furniture, and throwing flour in strangers' faces?

8. I love the grandfather

He is so kind to his granddaughters and almost makes up for their virtually absent dad.

9. OMG, I hate John 

"College takes too long," "I can just get a job"... if only that were plausible today.

10. Damn, they have a lot of kids

During the 2 a.m. family meeting, we finally see all of the kids in one room (plus Grandpa being his awesome self in the back).

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