McDreamy Has Returned To Grey's Anatomy And We Don't Know How To Act
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McDreamy Has Returned To Grey's Anatomy And We Don't Know How To Act

After 5 long seasons without him, Derek Shepard has finally made his reappearance in Meredith's dream, or possible near-death moment.

Derek and Meredith

Last night, fan-favorite Grey's Anatomy has finally returned to ABC for it's season 17 premiere. Although a seemingly-normal premiere (minus COVID), the last two minutes have left many fans with their mouths gaping wide open.

Mcsteamy had found Meredith passed out in the parking lot. Although he feels a pulse, the internal freaking out really begins when the scene switches to Meredith sitting on a rock by the ocean. She hears Mcsteamy screaming her name, but stays calm and sitting. After a second, she sees someone in the distance.

This is when the fans really started freaking out. I thought, is this really going to be Derek in the distance? Would they really bring him back for this?

Without a doubt, ABC has managed to save 2020. Bringing Derek back for the premiere was the power move we didn't even know we needed. Before the season came out, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Derek would make a reappearance. Well, he did and it was certainly a tear-jerker.

Once Meredith saw who it was, she began walking over and Derek, with his love-filled eyes and charming smile said "Meredith." To that, Meredith replied "I've missed you." If your eyes weren't Niagara Falls yet, they definitely were now. It was an overall captivating moment.

Although Derek is still dead, it felt so good to see him and Meredith have a reunion.

Fans have missed Derek and without a doubt, the premiere has locked many viewers in to continue watching the season. Although what is wrong with Meredith is unknown, it seems like she has COVID and will have to be in the hospital for a while to get treated.

I don't want Meredith to die, but maybe she can stay in her dream-state where she has seen Derek. Fans would just die if they have one conversation before she comes back. That would do us all in for the whole season.

Just when you thought they couldn't anymore, ABC has definitely managed to have a plot-twist yet again.

Just one thing was missing to make the scene even more dramatic- Chasing Cars should have been playing.

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