12 McDonald's Toys From The 2000s All Happy Meal Lovers Had
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12 McDonald's Toys From The 2000s Only The MOST Dedicated Happy Meal Lovers Remember

Bringing back all the nostalgia of our Happy Meal Days.

12 McDonald's Toys From The 2000s Only The MOST Dedicated Happy Meal Lovers Remember

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Sonic Video Games


The most coveted of all handheld games. Pure entertainment for the car ride home for about five minutes. Do you even game, bro? Everyone wanted the Sonic game, but why did we always get the Donky Kong one?

Sports Video Games


Having the joystick of the game be a soccer ball or basketball changed the game. These were Happy Meal toys in 2008 so you know the graphics were on point.

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls


We stan Strawberry Shortcake, but what ever happened to her?

The Dog


You were a real one if you brought these home and added them to your stuffed animal collection.

Disney Collectibles 


Does anyone out there have them all?

Finding Nemo Toys


Did you play with these when you took a bath or were you normal?

Lilo and Stitch


Complete with Playdoh that lasted for a solid five minutes before completely drying out.

The Incredibles Toys


One of the most superior McDonald's toys to ever be made- change my mind.

Treasure Planet Toys


Bringing back all the feels. You're a real one if you remember this movie.

Hello Kitty Key Chains


You were a baddie if you had more than three of these clipped on your backpack.

American Idol Themed Figures


What even were these?


... And what even were these?

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