Mary jane is your every day life.
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If It Wasn't For Mary Jane, I don't Know Where I'd Be

How to make your next marijuana experience the BEST marijuana experience!

Tamiel Mckee Bey
Tamiel Mckee Bey

For some, Mary Jane is just your occasional party drug!

We all know how exciting it is to go to the dispensary with your friends and pick from the wide selection of uplifting bud. The amazing laughs we share during the sesh and the thrill of riding the high until the end of the night! Now for some of us, this is not an everyday thing, IT SIMPLY IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SMOKE EVERYDAY AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE,


Wrong my friend! As an everyday avid smoker since high school, I can honestly tell you that is is very much possible to live the high life every day of your life. I know so many people who go to class, work, church everywhere you can imagine, already blazed or, with their handy weed bag ready to spark up any moment! Many people would call us addicts or stoners, we are really just living our everyday lives. To those who may see this as impossible, I completely understand why. Like how can I do school work? Read long texts, type essays? How do I focus? Maintain concentration? How do you just enjoy the high while still trying to live your life productively? Easy!

Personally, I have experimented with a variety of strains and I have grown to realize that each strain does, in fact, have its own unique effect on every unique individual. I relation to school and work, some of my best essays came from a relaxing joint and a clear mind! I am a lot less overwhelmed and anxious about my everyday tasks because smoking for me has become more of a meditative practice, as well as a space for me to be in my head and more focused.

Indi-couch vs Sati-up

You really just have to be open to trying different strains despite what you may have heard or how they may have made someone else feel. It's also important that you remember which strains are not for you! For example, one of my closest friends really enjoys smoking Sativa, Blue Dream in particular, and when I try engaging with this strain I don't get the same experience as my friend. (If you're unfamiliar with the names of the strains you can reference the video below!) For her, the experience is euphoric and blissful, as opposed to the aching migraines I endure simply from engaging with a strain that just isn't for me.

I have learned from different experiences that I enjoy Indica strains a lot more than Sativa. Alike most people, I do enjoy the effects of both strains, but depending on the properties some are more enjoyable than others. Because I have been so open-minded when trying different strains I am more familiar with the properties of different strains and this helps when choosing which strains will help vs inhibit my productivity throughout the day.

It is not as confusing as you think, I promise.

Incorporating weed into your everyday life is not a must! There is nothing wrong with being an occasional smoker, in fact, the less you smoke the lower your tolerance will be! This means the less you smoke the less it will take to get you blazed out of your mind! This also applies to everyday smokers. For us, because we smoke so often our tolerance is a lot higher and therefore it takes more for us to achieve the same effect. Weed doesn't have to be your best friend but it also doesn't have to be your enemy!

A friend with weed is a friend INDEED!

Weed, Mary Jane, Marijuana, Dank, Loud...whatever you want to call it, has many forms that allow you to engage in many different ways! I know many people who only eat edibles, and I also know many people who only smoke flower (Bud). Many people choose to experiment with a variety of forms, sometimes all together! Your experience depends solely on your choice of intake and sometimes smoking the actual bud just might not be the way for you! Don't allow one bad experience you take away from the beauty of such an uplifting herb.

If you have in fact had a bad experience with weed don't be discouraged from trying other forms and make sure that you experiment with the dosage to your liking. THAT'S RIGHT, you don't always have to smoke a full gram blunt or eat a 100mg edible all at once! It's nice to have a moderate technique for getting your daily dose without taking it too far! Investing in a nice glass piece or bong can really change the game for your weed intake! Just remember that's its all about having fun and enjoying the high life, let it be only sometimes or every day, make it a great time always!

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