Marvel Vs. DC: The One True Debate

Marvel Vs. DC: The One True Debate

If you aren't a comic book nerd already, then we will convert you.

In the world of comic book nerds and superhero geeks, it’s been a longstanding debate over which comic empire is better. But is the debate really necessary? Both companies have put out a lot of quality material over the years, and both of them wouldn’t still be around if they didn’t both contribute to the comic nerd community.

After speaking with some credible sources (shout-out to my fam in CBC for these answers) I found that these days, most fans are of a similar mindset on the debate. Most everyone can agree that DC comics and T.V shows are great, but Marvel makes the best movies.

As a Marvel fan myself, I think I can stand agreeing with that. Let’s be honest, all the shows Marvel has been cranking out have been relatively sub-par. The only truly worthwhile one have been Agents of SHEILD.

Their shows The Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil were also pretty good, but I think it’s hard to consistently watch them. Yeah, you’re hooked for a few episodes or even a season, but eventually it’s hard to stomach the 24/7 doom and gloom. It seems like whoever writes Marvel’s shows for them just likes to torture fans with angst all the time. Or maybe that’s just me.

I don’t think DC’s live action shows are faring much better (Heroes of Tomorrow was a flop) but their animated shows are great. Especially Young Justice, I’m pretty sure I watched that entire series when I was younger. Whoever produces DC’s movies should take a page from the Young Justice writer’s notebook, because the character development is fantastic. And let’s not forget the classic Teen Titans. I’m not talking about the chibi-fied Teen Titans Go rip-off for kids on tv these days, I’m talking the original show that every true fan watched start to finish. It’s unfortunately been taken off the air, but certain websites still have it available for free.

DC movies, on the other hand, are kind of awful. I enjoyed Wonder Woman, and Ezra Miller as Flash, but that’s about it. Their movie Batman has the personality of wet carboard and the character development to match. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be the bland side of the character, not the Dark Knight, if you get what I mean. I still don’t agree with the choice to cast Ben Afleck as Batman. His portrayal of Bruce Wayne is fine, but his Batman is terrible. Please, bring Christian Bale back to us DC, we’re begging you.

Marvel though, Marvel goes big on movies. I may just be biased after seeing Infinity War (no spoilers here, I promise), but I feel like Marvel movies just have so much more depth and vibrancy to them. I don’t want to say more without spoiling anything, but I think the final word on this debate is that it is no debate at all.

Cover Image Credit: Beyond the Marquee

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