Hop On The Marc E. Bassy Hype

Hop On The Marc E. Bassy Hype

I hate to break it to you, but you're missing out on a "groovy" person.

The Knockturnal

It’s been about two weeks since Marc E. Bassy’s music was introduced to me and, damn I wish it would have been sooner. He’s done collaborations with Kehlani, G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign and Skizzy Mars, as well as toured with G-Eazy and A$AP Ferg. This talented Bay Area-born, singer-songwriter released a new EP called “Groovy People” on August 5 of this year and it does not disappoint. It’s filled with bold, honest lyrics and captivating vocals that add up to quality music.

The first song off of his EP is called “You and Me,” featuring G-Eazy. It was released as a single before the rest of the EP, so I guarantee you’ve heard this song bumping on the radio all summer long. It’s the perfect song for the radio with its catchy lyrics and “I don’t need you, we’re over” theme. The reggae vibes in the chorus give you that mellow, summer feeling. Everything about this song, the rhythm, the vocals, the lyrics, the timing of the release and the featured artist, create the perfect storm to be this summer's hit song.

Next on the EP is my personal favorite, “Subway Car.” Bassy does a remarkable job telling the story of a rebellious girl who has turned to the city as an escape from her conservative family life. He sings about her preacher father, weak mother and hints about alcoholism in the family. He cleverly gives you pieces of a stranger's story for you to empathize with. I cannot praise this song enough with the haunting harmonies in the background, to the quickening of the beat as he exits the bridge to my favorite lyric(s), “the city moves through you, babe.” I’m not exactly sure if those lyrics are supposed to be literal or figurative, but it makes me think about the story of a random girl riding in a subway car.

The third most unique song on the EP is called “Dirty Water.” This song starts with an upbeat piano (riff) matched with Marc E. Bassy singing, "let’s go swimming, dirty water." The song addresses long nights and short days, not letting go of an ex and finding lovers at the liquor store -- pretty much an unhealthy lifestyle. You understand that he has hit rock bottom when he sings, "But you know I won't as long as I go deeper to the ocean floor." During the song, I was left wondering if the dirty water was referring to alcohol or if it was a metaphor for something wrong that he dove back into. I love the irony of the upbeat melody compared to the darker theme behind the lyrics. It is artfully crafted and easily distinguishable from the others.

“Morning” comes in at number four on the tracklist of this EP. It’s definitely the slowest song but has some of the best lyrics. The song starts with Bassy professing his love even with her eyelash hanging off and no makeup on, but then he begins to question whether she loves him enough. Bassy questions her trust, loyalty and forgiveness. In the chorus, he asks so sweetly, “Will you be here in the morning, morning, morning? Will you stay from the sunset to the sunrise? When I open up both eyes, be there in the morning, morning, morning.” How could you say no as he builds up to that breathtaking falsetto? The rhythm is simple and effectively lets the lyrics lead the song while the piano enhances the tenderness of his words.

The last song sums up the EP very nicely. He closes with “Last One I Love.” The songs starts with soft guitar picking as he sings about laying in bed with his lover wondering if this is the girl he’ll have for the rest of his life. The chorus crashes in with a strong beat that adds to the desperation as he wonders “Will you be the last one I love?” It’s an interesting turnaround from the previous song where he was questioning his lover, but now he questions himself. In the bridge, he closes with, “And I wrote me a song I could sing, just in case I forgot everything, and the chances are it will fade, just in case it never goes away,” almost as if to protect himself from falling out of love too hastily. The whole EP ends with a fading gospel-like repetition of “I wonder, I wonder if you.” And with that, it’s over.

The EP as a whole is strong with lyrics that vividly describe the different stories of "Groovy People," accompanied by melodies that make you want to sing and rhythms that make you want to dance or sway along. I love the organization of the EP as he sings about an ex, to a stranger on a subway, then drunken old and new hookups, his lover and finally himself. The stories of each song live up to the title of the EP. The entire listening experience makes you think, "Where the hell has this man been all my life?" Marc E. Bassy is an artist that you do not want to miss, so make sure to hop on his bandwagon quickly because I know he’s got more great music in him.

Check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or SoundCloud!

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