In One Tree Hill, every year Haley and Lucas write down their predictions and hopes for the upcoming school year and hide them behind a brick in the wall above Karen's Café. And while this is not the beginning of the school year and we don't all have a magical brick that makes our dreams come true we all make New Year's Resolutions whether we know it or not. But, what's. The point if we don't do anything about it?

We talk all year of wanting to eat healthier and work out more, (well at least college kids do) but we don't ever change our behavior. So what is it about the idea of the new year that reboots us and makes us excited for the time to come?

I mean, we all succumb to the idea of it. We watch the ball drop like it's this amazing, life-changing experience, which for some maybe it is but I couldn't care less about watching a ball drop from a building. We hug and kiss each other and wish each other a Happy New Year, but the next day we wake up and do the same thing all over again.

The question everyone should be asking is, not what is my resolution, but what can I be doing to make my resolution a reality.

First, it needs to be something realistic. In actuality we know I'm not going to go to the gym every week, partially because I'm lazy, but also because life gets in the way. Or if you want to go vegan, but you love a good burger, don't make that your goal. Make your "resolution" something you can actually see yourself doing and know you can achieve. And yes, I'm going to start using quotation marks around "resolution," because who knows what it really is any more.

Pick something you actually care about. Personally, I have always wanted to participate in a Women's March or one of the marches around the country, but I've never had the opportunity to, so I might make that my "resolution." It could also be something small like talking to your parents more, or writing letters just for fun to keep in contact with an old friend.

If you don't think you will be able to keep yourself to your "resolution," do it with a friend. Doing anything is always better with a friend by your side, and you could pick something you both want to do. Or, if you have different goals, tell each other your "resolution" and hold each other accountable.

Now that I've rambled on about New Years "Resolutions," it's time I actually take my own advice and pick one.

Nothing ever gets done if you don't have any goals, so challenge yourself because you never know, it could turn into something amazing.