Pullman turns into a whole 'another town when the sun comes out. There are people in lawn chairs on their porches, music blasting, spike ball, waterslides, anything and everything that you can do outside. Just because Pullman is a small town but that doesn't mean there's nothing to do. Here are some tips for making the most of springtime in Pullman.

1. Allergy pills

As soon as the sun comes out my allergies go crazy. Stock up on allergy pills from Costco so you don’t run out.

2. Snow boots and flip flops

You never know what Pullman weather will do. Last year, it snowed in April. Even when the sun is out, it can still be pretty chilly so stock up on fun spring colored layers. Now is usually when snow boots go on sale so it's the perfect time to purchase a pair for a better price.

3. Formal dresses

It’s formal season! Instead of buying new dresses, ask your friends or your friends friends to see if they have anything that might work for you.

If you have a ton of formal dresses you don’t need, now is the perfect time to sell them on WSU Free and For Sale. (or you can loan them out if you're feeling extra nice)

4. Date dashes

It’s also date dash season! Make sure to save up for date dash apparel! You can also get fun sunnies to wear that match your shirts.

If you hate making chug jugs as much as I do, Walmart or the Dollar Store has fun seasonal cups you can get instead.

5. Go to the lib

It’s so hard to study at home when you see everyone outside. If you have to study that needs to get done, go to the library so you don’t feel like you’re the only one with actual school work.

6. Sunsets and stargazing

Pullman sunsets are amazing. One of the most popular spots in the WSU water tower or if you need to do some grocery shopping after, the Walmart parking lot also has a great view. You can take a few blankets and some snacks and make a night of it! Or if you're up to it, you can make it a fun picnic date.

Pullman has tons of stars on a clear night. I have a secret spot that I like to go watch the sunset with friends but you’ll have to find your own.

7. Mini golf

For those who might not be suited for the driving range, there is a mini golf place by the Pullman-Moscow airport.