#Makebetterhappen With City Year
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#Makebetterhappen With City Year

Most kids who drop out think they have no other option. I help them find one. -Travis Holloway

#Makebetterhappen With City Year

My mom made me the third parent because my dad was a Navy Seal. I gained discipline and became a self-sacrificing leader at a young age by helping raise my younger brother and sister. 

Due to my extra responsibilities, obtaining my first job at 16, and balancing multiple extracurriculars, my academics could have been a lot better. 

I was fortunate enough to have a huge support system through my high school teachers, but I know a lot of children in low income and minority neighborhoods do not have someone they can lean on. However, with a mentor as an example they can look up to, they have a reason to graduate high school.

City Year is an education based non-profit organization that gives children a chance to have someone that can change their lives for the better. Their mission is to decrease the drop out rates in elementary, middle, and high schools in the nation. City Year AmeriCorps members help accomplish this issue by focusing on attendance, behavior and coursework performance. As a member, you will have the opportunity to do a paid year of service. Some other benefits include a $5,730 scholarship, partnerships with 90+ grad schools for 25% - 100% tuition scholarships, health insurance, and a year of loan forbearance.

The requirements are a college degree or have attended some college, a high school diploma or GED, dedicate 10 months to full-time service, be between the ages of 17 and 24, be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident alien, have previously served no more than 3 terms in another AmeriCorps, NCCC, or VISTA program, and agree to a background or security check.

You can apply at www.cityyear.org. The application includes your basic information, volunteer/work experience, 4 essays and 2 references. If you have experience being a leader, a mentor, and/or a tutor, that is a plus. However, if you have never had a leadership role, no worries! Admissions are looking for people who have faced perseverance in life situations. This job is only for the hard-working, so this will only strengthen your candidacy. Application deadlines are September 30, November 15, February 15, and April 30. City Year is located in 26 locations. You can choose to apply to one city, a specific region, or "to serve where it is most needed." Together, we can work towards making a difference in these children's lives. It is possible to #makebetterhappen.

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