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Instagram is a popular social network whose number of users is growing constantly. It is possible not only to share photos and communicate but also to earn good money. If coming to the matter wisely, it is possible to earn on Instagram tens of thousands of dollars a month.

There are many options for earning — simple ones, for which no skills are needed, or more complex ones (which are also the most profitable ones). Let's look at how to make money on Instagram, how much income is possible to get, what types of earnings exist there, and where to start.

How much can you earn?

There is practically no income ceiling. Instagram top bloggers and stars bring themselves up to a million in one publication (for example, for the mention of a product, brand). Earnings of bloggers in Instagram can be more than 300k dollars — this is approximately how much money the top stars get using a social network.

If talking about the average level of Instagrammers, the cost of placing the advertisement there is about $450. We take five placements per month and get $2250. But the publication of advertising may not be the only source of income from the account. There are different types of earning schemes on Instagram. We will analyze them below.

If you are new to the social network and do not have many subscribers, you will still be able to earn good money. Revenues will be less, but a level comparable to a decent office salary is achievable. For example, up to $400 to $500 a month is quite a real earning on Instagram for account management or at work as a personal assistant to a blogger.

One earnings scheme on Instagram is earning sales of their goods or services. If you know how to do something, try selling it. Instagram is a great platform to attract customers and consumers. This is especially true for areas such as photography, handmade goods, beauty, fashion and style, cooking, psychology, children's products, travel, interior design, sports, and much more.

How does it work? You are fascinated to talk about your work, publish photos, and share valuable and unique information. People find you, subscribe to your Instagram, start reading, they have an interest, and they buy or order something from you.

For example, you are a photographer. You publish your work, make interesting descriptions for them. Users subscribe to the account, get acquainted with your creativity, and when they have a desire to order a photo session, they turn to you. This is an effective way to make money through Instagram. There are experts whose clients come from social networks.

Another option is to make earnings on likes, comments, and subscriptions. This is the easiest option to generate income. We tell you how to make money on Instagram through likes, using comments, through subscriptions. You register on a special website (stock exchange) and perform simple tasks: like the posts, leave comments, subscribe to bloggers. One task can pay $2 to $3.

You won't make millions on likes, but this way of making money does not require any special knowledge or skills, you only need an Instagram account and the Internet, so it can serve as a good compliment to your main job. Examples of sites through which you can earn this way are QComment and Forumok. This method is suitable for beginners.

Another method is to make earnings by advertising on Instagram. This option is the one with the maximum potential for profitability, but it also requires the greatest efforts. This is the earning scheme on Instagram in which your income can be almost unlimited. Here your money depends primarily on the popularity of your account. In fact, making money on advertising is one of the most effective ways to make money on subscribers on Instagram.

To attract advertisers, you need to have at least several tens of thousands of subscribers. It's not as difficult to score as many as it seems, but it will require systematic hard work.

You can find advertising customers through special sites, for example, Blogun or The advantage of the Blogun system is the ability to work by bank transfer. If your turnover grows and you decide to become an entrepreneur, you will be able to withdraw your earnings from Blogun to the individual entrepreneur and work officially.

A final way to make money online is to generate earnings by keeping accounts. Some companies and people are willing to pay money to have their accounts led and promoted by a social networking specialist. The duties of such a specialist may include page design, content plan, preparation and publication of content, increasing the number of subscribers, interaction with subscribers, and much more.

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