These 7 Apps Will Help You Sell Everything You Don’t Need To Make Extra Cash This Summer
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These 7 Apps Will Help You Sell Everything You Don’t Need To Make Extra Cash This Summer

Decluttering your life has never been easier. And it pays well!

These 7 Apps Will Help You Sell Everything You Don’t Need To Make Extra Cash This Summer

It’s summertime, which means you’re probably not hanging around campus for the next few months. If you’re stuck cleaning out your dorm room and don’t know what to do with all your stuff, this post is for you. In addition to getting rid of things, you'll make some extra cash to use for all your summer adventures!

Here are seven apps you can use to sell your stuff, whether it’s a textbook the campus wouldn’t buy back or that dress you bought for a party and only wore one time.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is best for getting rid of electronics, video games, CDs, DVDs or books you no longer need. This app is seriously so easy to use -- all you do is scan the barcode of whatever item you want to get rid of and Decluttr tells you how much it’s worth.

Once you’ve scanned everything, Decluttr sends you a shipping label and you pack it up and ship it out. Lastly, choose how you want to cash out: check, Paypal deposit or direct deposit.

2. Poshmark

Download the Poshmark app to sell clothes, bags or wallets. There’s no sense in lugging stuff back home when you know you’ll never wear it again. Poshmark has listings on just about anything related to fashion, from Michael Kors wallets to American Eagle jeans.

All it takes on your part is snapping a few quick photos and making a trip to the post office once someone buys your items. Once the item gets delivered, you get paid!

3. Bookscouter

OK, this one isn’t an app but it might be one of the most useful sites ever for college students. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have leftover college textbooks you’ll never touch again, so go to Bookscouter’s website and see how much those textbooks are worth!

All you do is enter the ISBN number of the textbook, and the site immediately comes back with everywhere currently buying that book and how much they’ll buy it for. This is by far the easiest way to sell last semester’s textbooks.

4. Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

No, I’m not talking about the Facebook marketplace. I’m talking about Facebook buy-and-sell groups. Do a quick search for “buy and sell” in Facebook and you’ll probably see all the local ones pop up. These are specific buy-and-sell groups catered to your area, and people are usually way more responsive here than on Facebook marketplace, at least in my experience.

You’ll have to request to join these groups, but they probably already have thousands of members. Personally, I joined one for the county I live in, and the USF buy-and-sell group. Your college group might be the most beneficial, especially if you have furniture or decor that’s best suited for a dorm room.

5. OfferUp

OfferUp is my personal favorite in terms of local buy-and-sell apps. I refer to it as a less-sketchy Craigslist (but I do still use Craigslist!). It even offers “Community MeetUp Spots” that are safe spaces designated within the community, like a police station or local business.

I’ve used it quite a few times to both buy and sell items, and it’s always worked out well. All messaging about OfferUp items are done within the app, so there’s no need to give out personal information. You can list virtually anything for sale on OfferUp, and all you need to do is snap some photos of it.

6. Letgo

Letgo is a local buy-and-sell app where you can list just about anything. Use this app to get rid of housewares, clothes or even a car. All messaging is done inside the app, so you don’t have to worry about anyone having your phone number or email address. It’s pretty similar to OfferUp, though it doesn’t offer special meeting points.

When trying to sell things locally, I find it’s best to list the items on multiple apps and see where you get the most responses. I’d recommend using a combination of OfferUp, Letgo and Craigslist so you get to all the locals.

7. Instagram

Obviously, Instagram isn’t a traditional selling app. Try posting a captivating picture of whatever you’re selling and caption it with the price or a message to send a DM if interested. Instagram is a free marketing tool that tons of people use, especially small businesses and artists selling their work online. There’s no reason you can’t take advantage of this tool, too!

Making money from home has never been easier, right? All you really need to do with these apps is snap a few photos, make a listing on the app and wait for the messages to come rolling in. Sure, you might make a few trips to the post office for some of them, but at least your closet will be cleaned out!

Plus, if you get bored hanging out at your parent’s house over summer break, use these same apps to unload your stuff there.

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