On January 17th, 2019, it was announced that Mac Miller's parents would be attending the GRAMMYs in honor of their son. Still raw from his passing of an accidental overdose in early September 2018, they traveled from Pittsburg to Los Angeles. The country (possibly even the world) gathered to watch the GRAMMYs this past weekend. So many people from all over were rooting for Mac Miller's Swimming LP, which was nominated for Best Rap Album. I remember watching as Cardi B was announced and hopped up to accept her award.

Mac Miller's parents flew all the way out from Pittsburg NOT ONLY to watch their son lose the last GRAMMY he would ever be nominated for but to see that there was no tribute to him, no recognition of what he did for the industry, no nod at his life. There was nothing. I could not even begin to imagine the sheer sadness and disappointment they felt. And, as it does, the internet erupted in response to this ridiculous screw-up. People were expressing sympathy for Mac Millers family, outrage at the GRAMMYs for flying his parents out just for them to watch him lose, and I even saw a few people blaming Cardi B for his loss (as if she had ANYTHING to do with the GRAMMYs decision to dangle the GRAMMY in front of his grieving parents faces).

Cardi B winning was a historic moment. She has become the first solo female artist to win a GRAMMY for Best Rap Album which is a huge deal for her and her music. And her album was good. She did deserve the win. Invasion of Privacy was an excellent, well thought out album. Cardi B also handled the public response well in my opinion. She even went public to say that Mac Miller deserved the win and she was sharing that GRAMMY with him. She recognized him and his talented, gave him the tribute he should have had, and was ready to get on with her life. Unfortunately, the internet has not been too kind to her.

Ariana Grande even took to Twitter in a now-deleted rant expressing how mad she was that Mac Miller did not win the GRAMMY he was nominated for. Her rant was later twisted around to come off as a rant against Cardi B. As far as I know, Ariana Grande and Cardi B have no beef. Ariana Grande even took to social media to apologize to Cardi B and congratulate her on the big win. Even with all of the emotions she is (rightfully) feeling in these few days, she still remains a queen.

But, I do agree. Not even because he is tragically no longer with us. But because Mac Miller's music was truly unique. It was music that made me feel and made me want to listen to it again and again. I like Cardi B's music but I don't put it on repeat the way I have listened to Mac Miller for days on end. He deserved so much more than he was given at the GRAMMYs and I am appalled and disappointed by the complete lack of mention of him, his music, or his legacy and his parents who raised around $700,000 for young kids in Pittsburg through the new charity the Mac Miller Circles Fund. The music and the speeches from the night will ring loudly but the silence of the GRAMMYs towards the death of Mac Miller is deafening.