How You Eat Your Mac & Cheese Says A Lot About You

How You Eat Your Mac & Cheese Says A Lot About You

The debate that broke the nation apart: Do you eat mac & cheese with a spoon or fork?


If you're a cheese-a-holic like me, you most likely chose spoon. If not, then you really don't know what you're missing.

Eating this cheese-filled delicacy takes a lot of expertise and this is where the spoon comes in handy.

The spoon allows you to actually get all the cheese-sauce and flavor from the mac & cheese, which you will not be able to do with a fork.

A fork pretty much just picks up bits and pieces, and it even takes even more time to just eat a simple dish.

With a fork, you're struggling to just get a part of the cheese-sauce out of the dish.

It's a shame that all fork-lovers really don't see that they are missing the best parts of the mac & cheese when choosing to eat with it.

Do us all a favor fork-lovers, give the spoon a try and make that switch!

It is so much easier for kids to eat mac & cheese with a spoon, so why not do it as adults as well?

Surveys have shown that parents in 41/50 states have given their child a spoon to eat their mac & cheese with according to "The Daily Meal."

Mac & cheese is known to be the upmost popular comfort food, so why not eat it comfortably with a spoon?

Personally, I will always be a part of the small number of people who choose #TeamSpoon, and that will always be the case until death do us part.

Even though, the preferred way for adults is to eat it with a fork according to a consumer survey by "Annie's Macaroni & Cheese," the love for cheese will always be in my heart and I will always strive to eat even the last bit off of this comfort food.

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Chick-fil-A, I love you.

Truett Cathy, I owe you my life.

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1. No other breakfast will compare to CFA's.

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3. When you go on vacation, you type in Chick-fil-A to see if there is one nearby.

4. If there isn't, you eat it as soon, I am talking, like, the second, you get back from vacation.

5. You truly don't understand how people "get tired of Chick-fil-A"

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7. You legitimately crave it more on Sunday's.

8. Nothing on the menu seems gross to you.

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11. You defend CFA to any and every hater.

12. CFA is probably your actual one true love.

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7 Reasons Starbucks' Coffee Is 100 Percent Superior To Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?


There has been this controversial debate on whether Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts is the better option when it comes to getting one of the best coffees. As a lover of the White Chocolate Mocha, I can not begin to fathom how someone would be willing to go to Starbucks' competitor, Dunkin Donuts. Here are 5 reasons why you should kick Dunkin Donuts to the curb and let Starbucks into your life!

Study Spot

What better place is there to study than Starbucks! The comfy couches allow you to relax and do your homework peacefully.

The Holiday cups

During the Christmas season, Starbucks comes out with creative cups design for the most wonderful time of the year!

Frappuccinos> Coolatta

Frappuccinos definitely rule over the Coolattas that Dunkin provides.

More menu options

Starbucks provides way more coffee drinks than Dunkin. And the best part is that you can customize your own coffee/latte/tea. Anything you name, Starbucks has it.

The Lactose intolerants are certainly welcomed at Starbucks!

One of my friends is Lactose intolerant and she tells me that Starbucks has dairy-free options.

Best food quantity

Does Dunkin Donuts sell cake pops? I don't think so.

BEST Quality Coffee

Starbucks has the top quality coffees and lets be honest Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes burnt

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