Lyrics That Speak To Me
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16 Lyrics That Speak To Me

"When you try your best but you don't succeed" is the first line in Coldplay's "Fix You" is so much more powerful with the rest of the song but when you are in your worst place hearing this song can bring you back into a happier mood.

16 Lyrics That Speak To Me

In no particular order, these are song lyrics that no matter what mood you're in or state of mind you have at that point brings you some kind of hope or peace. These songs bring a smile to your face, or tears to your eyes, or let you scream your broken heart out because that's what you need in that moment. I have found thousands of songs that speak volumes to me but some of them are better than others and I feel like even more people will relate to them. These songs are from lots of different music types and have some very different meanings behind them. You are free to disagree with some of the choices and even have other songs from other genres that suit you better for certain moods but these are my choices.

Fall Out Boy- "The (Shipped) Gold Standard"

"I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs but I'm afraid someone else will might hear me..."

This song by Fall Out Boy was released in 2008 and it's all about accepting a love that you feel even when you're scared. Most teenagers and adults can relate to this feeling of being in love with someone but not knowing if the person feels the same way. This song could be your inspiration to finally confess your feelings and as the song later says " get get get get get out now."

Paramore- "The Only Exception"

"Up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness, because none of it was ever worth the risk.."

This song by Paramore is one of their slower tracks but just as powerful and moving. The track was released in 2009 on the album Brand New Eyes and for most people, this song is about taking a scary step forward and falling in love again. However, the somber tone mixed with the hopeful and uplifting lyrics paints a different picture in my mind. This is her song saying she is finally in love for the first time despite thinking it's foolish or even a possible lost cause. These lyrics are her way of saying that she is done living in the past and is ready to move on to better, happier things.

Blake Shelton- "Austin"

"If you're calling 'bout my heart it's still yours I should have listened to it a little more.."

This ballad was released back in 2001. Shelton sings about a boy who is still in love with a girl who ran away to Austin but in case she ever calls and wants to come back to him he leaves " and P.S. if this is Austin, I still love you" at the end of his answering machine's outgoing message. When she finally does call him she is shocked to find that he still feels the same and eventually leaves her number waiting for him to call back only to answer with the lyrics above.

the overall song is a beautiful story of finding real love and never losing faith but it's a wonderful ballad for girls and boys to listen to when they're unsure of their feelings. Many people in relationships have doubts but this song is a testament to the idea that someone can have doubts but it's better to listen to your heart.

Taylor Swift- "Bad Blood"

"Band-aids don't fix bullet holes.."

First being released on the album 1989 in 2014, Swift goes a bit dark talking about the loss of love. This artist has become the staple for break up songs with tracks like "You're Not Sorry" on the Fearless album and "Teardrops On My Guitar" from her first album Taylor Swift but nothing will ever compare to this powerful line done in the last verse of this track.

The full verse goes "Band-aids don't fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show if you live like that you live with ghosts, band-aids don't fix bullet holes you say sorry just for show if you live like that you live with ghost, if you love like that blood runs cold" in which she is possibly saying that being in a toxic and harmful relationship ruins your life and leaves you in a metaphorical dead state. Swift clearly knows how bad relationships go but to put into a powerful song and show just how damaging a relationship can be is what makes her the great songwriter she is.

Focusing on that line makes it even more true for anyone going through a hard breakup because sometimes you need a reminder that once you break something it's not always easy to mend it.

Iron Maiden- "Wasted Years"

"Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years."

This track was released in 1986 in the Somewhere In Time album. These lyrics hit hard especially the older you get, I often find myself reflecting on my past and I miss the younger years. I'm only 19 so I have more life to experience but I don't see that stopping the older I get so knowing that someone else gets that is really nice. However this song reminds me that just because the past was great doesn't mean I should stay there, I have to remember I'm "living in the golden years". They know that it can be tough dealing with life, and it's easier to live in the what ifs of the past but the song is also encouraging us to be better and live in the now.

Skillet- "Awake And Alive"

"I'm at war with the world cause I ain't never gonna sell my soul..."

This Christian rock song came out back in 2009 and despite not agreeing with all their music I genuinely find peace with this song. Even if you do not share Christian views this song goes beyond that and talks about embracing yourself in a new way. You may feel that at times the entire world is against you but the song tells you to believe in yourself and possibly a high power and just keep going through the days.

These lyrics, in particular, could be taken out of the context of the song is a song of praise and turned into a mantra where you remind yourself not to make what you personally believe lesser than other views. You don't have to compromise yourself to make other people happier, you should stay true to yourself.

Halestorm- "You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing"

"I think you hate me because you want me you only want what you can't have I'm just being who I want to be but you can't deal with that.."

This song was released in 2012 and despite using some choice words share a very empowering message. A girl or boy who gets rejected sometimes needs to scream a bit and get some anger out and this song highlights that feeling perfectly especially in the final verse where lead singer Lzzy Hale sings about how the person only hates her because they were rejected and now they can't seem to deal. I'm sure there are many people who love to slam their reject-ers in this way but sadly we have to settle on screaming/ singing along with this song. The lyrics throughout the song build back up your confidence and give you hope for the next possible thing is better.

Linkin Park- "Somewhere I Belong"

"I want to heal, I want to feel like I'm close to something real I want to find something I've wanted all along somewhere I belong.."

R.I.P Chester Bennington

This track was released in 2003 and still resonates with me as a powerful, uplifting song about wanting to be accepted and welcomed somewhere. Especially going through school and trying to make friends with the right people there are a lot of times where I wondered if I truly belonged where I was. Hearing the stories of kids being depressed and feeling completely lost and helpless I always thought they would love this song because nothing summed it up more than this. Linkin Park understood what it was like to be angry and depressed and lonely without sounding like it was a joke or something being blown out of proportion and it feels wonderful knowing someone else gets it.

I strongly encourage anyone feeling like they don't belong to listen to their music because it will speak to you in ways no one else can.

Neon Trees- "Songs I Can't Listen To"

"And I wish the music didn't play forever 'cause I'm feeling like a broken record.."

This song by the Neon Trees came out in 2015, and despite being very pointed in its lyrics is very helpful to anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship that ended badly or suddenly. Sometimes a couple will share a song and it'll be a song that will always be tied to their memory in the persons head so when that person is no longer in their life hearing the song is next to impossible. Sometimes you want to skip it and never listen to it again, taking it off all your playlists and praying it doesn't come on your favorite stations and other times you listen to it with someone else to try and replace the memories it holds in the past but nothing seems to be right... its a song you can't listen to anymore. This song tells you exactly why and reminds you that you're not alone. It doesn't matter what the song is or how long the relationship was or even when the last time you heard it, all that matters is that right now today you still can't bring yourself to listen to that song.

I highly recommend this to anyone who can't explain to their friends and family why their once favorite song is now the least listened to song on their music app.

Blink 182- "MH 4.18.2011"

"Hold strong when everything you love is gone, slow down and stop living in the shadow of a helicopter..."

DISCLAIMER: this song's title is exactly as typed above it is on Blink 182's album Neighborhoods which was released in 2011. If you want to listen to this song, which I strongly recommend you do, you can search for the shadow of a helicopter blink 182 on youtube.

This song was released in 2011 and despite the awkward title its an amazingly deep song about growing up and becoming your own person. the verses of the song are seeming to talk about parents letting go when their kids are trying to "come of age" and get out of their parent's shadow, getting jobs on their own and struggling through life. Many people often find themselves struggling to start their own life due to their parents constantly being around them or even being considered a "helicopter" parent. I could be wrong but I believe that this song is a message to both parents and kids alike reminding parents that the kids have to grow up eventually and reminding kids that they don't have to be like their parents.

The song sends a message that even if you think everything is gone there, is still time to get things done and you don't always need help from the people you have always been around. yes your family will always e there and yes life can be hard but it does not define who you are until you let it define you.

The Academy Is...- "The Test"

"Would it kill you to care as much as I did?"

This song was released in 2008 and for me, this song didn't really have a meaning until I was dumped out of the blue by a guy who I really liked and who I thought really liked me. Some songs really become clear when you finally get the message they're sending and this song was no exception, the lead singer is questioning why all of these things are happening to him after he was dumped. He's losing himself in the questions and the cliche phrase of this being a life test moment makes him even more devastated. "If this is a test, then I'm losing my shit..." he vocalizes all of our pain and emotions perfectly as this song plays.

Shawn Mendes- "Treat You Better"

"You're spending all your time in this wrong situation..."

Ever think that someone you care about is in the absolute wrong relationship and it would be so much better if you were with them. Say hello to this 2016 track by Shawn Mendes who feels the exact same way. In the song, we never actually get an idea as to why the two shouldn't be together but the singer perfectly captures the feelings of wanting someone because you know in your heart that you would be better for them. Personally, this doesn't have to just apply to romantic relationships it could apply to friendships as well. I have had many friends who were running with some bad people and they obviously weren't as happy as they deserved to be but there was nothing more I could do until the person realized they deserved to be treated better.

Idina Menzel (Wicked)- "I'm Not That Girl"

"Every so often we long to steal to the land of what-might-have-been but that doesn't soften the ache we feel when reality sets back in..."

Spoiler Alert: this song is from the musical Wicked and I will be discussing plot point of the play and the characters this song is sung by and about so if you do not wish to read about why this song is chosen because you want to see the play beforehand I understand skip ahead!

Back in 2003 this play, based on the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire, was brought to Broadway. Idina Menzel played the female lead Elphaba, who is the famous wicked witch of the west in the Wizard Of Oz, however, this is her story and she is not always the villain. We see a much sweeter, softer side of Elphaba in this play and throughout the play, she is hated, overlooked, bullied, judged, and mistreated time and time again because she is different from others. This song, in particular, came after a touching moment she shared with someone special. Fiyero, who is a new student at the school Elphaba attended in her young years and quiet the hottie according to the girls at the school. He is instantly entranced by the beautiful and nearly perfect Galinda (later Glinda) and they start to flirt and have feelings for each other, but once Fiyero and Elphaba share the tender moment together he is torn between being accepted or being rejected and leaves Elphaba on her own to go back to Galinda.

That is when this song comes on. Elphaba, who is distraught over ever having believed he could be different and accept her, sings her feelings out trying to come to grips with the fact that she is not the girl he chose. This song speaks to her as a character but also to people in regular life because girls and boys often find themselves having feelings for people who would seemingly never choose them despite being good together. It's heartbreaking to know you're not someones the first choice and hearing it expressed in the song when you can really relate to the desire shes feelings makes it a powerful song.

Five Finger Death Punch- "Wrong Side Of Heaven"

"I spoke to God today and she said that she's ashamed What have I become? What have I done? I spoke to the devil today and he swears he's not to blame and I understood 'cause I feel the same..."

This track was released in 2013 and even though it is very dark it stands as a great song to listen to when you are conflicted and confused about things happening in your life. By no means is this song cheery and meant to make you feel better but it is meant to help you feel less angry about being in a gray area of life. The album is entitled "The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Volume 1" and this song remind people listening to it that just because you're doing something questionable doesn't mean it's wrong.

We often go through life thinking that is something is wrong then it shouldn't be done but this song makes me question that belief because being wrong doesn't make something right and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons can be better for you than doing the right thing at the wrong time. The song talks about heaven being wrong and hell being in a twisted way right or more right than heaven is. I can't think of a better song to help people realize things aren't black and white, and they almost never are.

Demi Lovato- "Never Been Hurt"

"My heart's on the front-line, I'm not afraid..."

Demi Lovato has been through so much in her life and her music reflects that in so many ways so it was difficult to choose just one of her songs but none have resonated more with me than this 2013 song. She is finally putting herself back out there ready to go searching for a new person to be in her life and she's going to put the past behind her "love like [she's] never been hurt." This is an important message especially for young people because it's so easy to fall in love and then be destroyed when you're young and it can make you so jaded and angry before you really understand it all and so putting it behind you and opening yourself back up to the potential is something we should all take a moment to remember.

Murphy Elmore- "Whoever Broke Your Heart"

"If I know one thing is true, I ain't ever gonna be like whoever broke your heart..."

This song came out back in 2017 and ever since I heard it, it has been stuck in my head and I hope and wonder if anyone's exes, after my first one, feel this way when they meet me. This is a sweet song written about how a guy feels towards a girl's ex-boyfriends thanking and hating him for breaking the girl's heart. On one hand he is thrilled to be with her and is thankful that he gets a shot with her but on the other hand, he's pissed that someone hurt her in that way and wants to give them hell. For guys, it's the perfect song to express how they feel about a girl's exes and for a girl it's all of their hopes for a guy expressed in one song and they hope that lyrics above apply to the new boyfriend.

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