We all have come to love the man known as Luke Combs. He seems to sing exactly what we are feeling and has a song for what feels like every emotion we feel. This man is honestly magical and can sing almost anything.

1. Sad/Heartbroken

Beer Never Broke My Heart, She Got The Best Of Me, Hurricane, Must've Never Met You, and many more. These songs are perfect to just drive and scream the lyrics to (it works, trust me). They can heal a hurt or broken heart in no time!

2. Happy

Sheriff You Want To , When It Rains It Pours, The Way She Rides, any song by him could make anyone happy but these are just my favorites. These are perfect to sing to with your friends with the windows down and the radio loud.

3. In Love

Beautiful Crazy, I Got Away With You, This One's For You, Houston, We Got A Problem, again I'm sure there's many more but these are the songs who get me thinking of that special person. If you ever feel so in love with someone you don't know what to do, turn these songs on and put on a goofy smile and think of your special person!

4. Lonely/Missing Someone 

Lonely One, Used To You, these kinda fall under "sad" but I feel they deserve their own section. These songs speak volumes if you are missing someone, you can truly feel the emotions as he sings.