Drinking Age In The United States
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If You Are Old Enough To Do These 10 Things, You Are Old Enough To Drink Alcohol

Holding a rifle and risking your life for your country is okay at 18 but sipping beer isn't.


So you turned 18 and are now a legal adult who can make life-changing decisions and handle greater responsibilities—you go off to college, live on your own, have a part-time job with which you pay off your tuition and fees BUT you cannot purchase a bottle of good wine to enjoy at the end of your day with some friends. Sound fair to you?

According to several studies, there are some risks of drinking at a young age such as damaged brain tissues, memory impairment, a greater risk for addiction, etc. However, there are risks to many other lawful things that teens face, so why have restrictions on alcohol specifically?

As long as they are careful and properly manage their alcohol consumption, they can continue normal development AND stay off shady streets trying to get that fake ID. And let's be real, they drink anyway. I'm not saying that the side effects of alcohol aren't real. Of course, there are scenarios in which drinking can be harmful, but what difference does it REALLY make if the drinking age was to be lowered from 21 to 18? If the U.S. government thinks 18-year-olds are mature enough to do the following, they are also mature enough to purchase and consume alcohol.

Get married

Because making the decision of living with one person for the rest of your life requires less maturity than drinking. Oh, and let's not forget how you wouldn't even be allowed to drink at your own wedding. Fun!

Serve in the military

Holding a rifle and risking your life for your country is okay at 18 but sipping beer isn't. Let that sink in.

Have a child

You become a mother/father—pretty much as grown up as it gets—but still no beer. Cool.

Get a tattoo

It's nice to know that I can get five cat tattoos on my ass that will last for all of eternity but not have a small shot of liquor that my body will metabolize in an hour.


Okay, maybe we can raise this one to 21 because this decision can nicely fuck up the country for four years. Go Trump! Bet many wanted something stronger than a club soda after that one.

Buy and smoke tobacco/cigarettes

We let 18-year-olds smoke, even though it causes lung cancer, so why can't we trust them with their livers, too?

Work a full-time job

You can occupy hundreds of positions in administration, child care, police force, politics, etc. before 21 that require important day-to-day decisions affecting the lives of others, yet again, they don't trust you to buy alcohol for your upcoming graduation.

Sue and get sued

If you can have the right to accuse or be accused and go to a real prison for your actions at 18, you should have the right to drink and be held just as responsible for any consequences that follow that decision.


You can steer your way into an accident at as young as 16. Not worried about memory impairment then? Only when it comes to drinking? Nice one.

Serve on a jury

Let's decide who is guilty and who isn't with our immature-enough-to-drink brains.

Note that over 60 percent of the world's minimum legal drinking age is 18-19 because the majority of the planet accepts the fact that with adulthood come many hardships and stress that a little bit of alcohol can help with.

After all, we're here to fill your pockets with some extra money, America.

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