10 Reasons Laying Low On Spring Break Is The Best Play For College Kids
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10 Reasons Laying Low On Spring Break Is The Best Play For College Kids

You don't have to go on a trashy beach vacation to have a good Spring Break.

10 Reasons Laying Low On Spring Break Is The Best Play For College Kids
Kaehla Maurer

Going out with a bang for Spring Break is wayyyyy overrated. Trust me. This is me speaking from experience.

1. Every day is already a holiday for you.

Why slay during spring break when you can slay every day? Don't save your Spring Break outfits for one week. Make it a daily regimen to look fabulous! Or whatever work describes you feeling good.

2. A crazy Spring Break ruins the summer bod you've been working on as a New Year's Resolution.

Cruising and boozing makes you gain weight. You think it'll last a week, but you'll get sucked in until your Spring Break habits become your every day habits. If you weren't worried about Freshman 15... it gets worse the older you get, and you won't want to work harder to maintain your body when you're treating your body like a junky vacation. #Truth

3. Professors love to give exams after a long break.

You think you have a week break, but it's actually a week to jam-pack all the material that the professor won't get to at the end of the semester. That shit sucks to procrastinate on. Low-key spring breakers get it done. Everyone else is scrambling to raise their grades a month later because they blew their previous exams.

4. You have quality time to spend with your family.

Adulting is hard enough in college. Take advantage of the free time to spend with your family before you graduate. Because once you move or get a job, you won't get to see them very often, and nothing replaces that. Plus you're going to miss out on some good home-cooked meals.

5. There is so much to do around your town you've never discovered.

Laying low doesn't mean be boring. There is SO much to do around your school or home town, if you're willing to do the research and think outside the box (aka live a little). If you're in Central Florida, I did the research for you.

6. You can't get in trouble.

If you do stupid things, you pay the consequences. A lot of college kids have the expectation to have this killer party week which is great! But if you go too crazy, you pay a price. Whether it's drinking and driving or alcohol poisoning, it's a real damper to a good time. Just saying, the people who lay low aim high.

7. When is the next time you'll have an entire week to sleep?

Don't schleep on the sleep. Sleep is you paying the respect you deserve to yourself! Give yourself a staycation to Sleep City!

8. You can make a ton of money working with no school obligations.

For once, you don't have to juggle school half the day and work the other half. So use the week to work full time, and when you get home each day, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

9. You can save an insane amount of money.

Unless you're on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort, everything you do on vacation adds up. You can save $500+ by staying home for Spring Break.

10. Summer break has way better weather and it lasts for 4 months.

Use that $500+ that you save plus the money you make at work to give yourself the summer vacation of the lifetime! You have way more time to travel abroad or hang out with friends, with no tests and stress.

Spring Break is a great time to reset. Whether you like to lay low or go out with a bang, just plan to be safe! And have someone you can trust to take care of you when you're having too much fun.

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