5 Starbucks Drink Without All The Calories

5 Starbucks Drinks With Lower Calorie Options For The Girl Who Wants To Get Healthy

Because 500 calories for a cup of coffee adds up.

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Starbucks; who doesn't love sipping on a cup of coffee? Especially one with cream, and lots of flavors. If your anything like me, then you probably enjoy all the creative creamy, sugary drinks Starbucks has to offer. However, many of these drinks tend to range in the 400-500 calorie range. If you want the tastiness of Starbucks, but without all the calories, here are a few drink ideas that will decrease that caloric amount while you still enjoy the taste of Starbucks.

1. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce 

If you are a cinnamon lover like me then you would enjoy the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. This has a creamy texture and is sweet while light on calories ranging around 120 for a grande.


Grande Coffee

Sugar-Free Dolce Syrup

Almond Milk


2. Skinny Peppermint Mocha

If you are a lover of Christmas drinks and all things holidays but don't want the extra jolly of calories, then the Skinny Peppermint Mocha is for you.


Tall cafe americano

Sugar-free peppermint flavoring

Non-fat milk

Skinny Peppermint Mocha = 60 calories

3.The Refresher with Coconut Milk

Ever crave a smoothie, but don't want to be overwhelmed with the calories from greek yogurt? Then ordering a Starbucks Refresher with Coconut Milk is the way to go.


Strawberry Acai

Mango Dragonfruit

Very Berry Hibiscus

Grande Ordered with Coconut Milk = 140 Calories

4. Iced Coffee.

Who doesn't love an iced coffee? While these tend to be a healthier option on the menu, a Grande Iced Carmel Macchiato is in the 250 calorie range. There are healthier options with the same sweet savory taste, but with half the calories.


Venti Iced Coffe

Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup/& or another syrup of your own choice

Add in your own milk+Sweetner to cut down on calories and reduce the cost!

5. Caramel Light Frappuccino.

For all you frappuccino lovers, my self-included, I have to sadly announce that Starbucks frappucinos are one of the highest calorie choices on the menu. A healthy alternative to the drink is ordering the light version.

All you have to do is order the regular drink with nonfat milk and no whip cream, leaving a tall at around 100 calories!

Starbucks offers a fantastic variety of drinks, however, the calories can add up, especially if you are a regular customer. Overall, these healthier drink alternatives will reduce the number of calories consumed while you can continue to enjoy your favorite flavors.

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