BTS Just Released Their Comeback Photos: Here's What We Know

BTS Just Released Their Comeback Photos: Here's What We Know

The countdown has begun and the theories have started.


On August 13th EST, BigHit Entertainment released BTS comeback photos for their new album 'LOVE YOURSELF: 結 Anser.' Currently, the agency has just released photos for the 'S' and 'E' versions while 'L' and 'F' versions have yet to be released. The album is set to be released on the 24th and from just the first set of comeback photos, we know the theories have just begun.

Here's what we know (or what we think we do):

1) Retro

version S JiminBTS, BigHit Entertainment

ARMYs have been suspecting that the new comeback's vibe will be retro, with the new photos released, I think we can say that we are right. Photos in Version S showcase the group sporting brightly colored apparel with loose sleeves and dapper-looking suits. (Check out Jimin's pink pants!)

2) Trapped, watched, boxed, controlled

version E VBTS, BigHit Entertainment

version S RMBTS, BigHit Entertainment

twitter post@track07tae

The repeated underlying theme that seems to be common in both versions of the album photos is the feeling of being trapped in a box with the eyes of everyone watching. This is illustrated by the red box background in version S and bubble in version E. In version S, each member is accompanied by either eyes, cameras or hands in the background each giving the feeling of being caged and put out in a display. In version E, there seems to be a lighter tone but the trapped feeling is still there. Inside the bubble, the members are accompanied by pastel flowers. (Is it just me or does version E remind you of Her?). Additionally, there are hints in the group photo (version E) that BTS is made to be like porcelain dolls who can be controlled.

3) Symbolism

twitter post@_pianonotes

Theories, theories, theories.

Seems us ARMYs cannot escape the neverending theories that come from BTS' albums.

Earlier, when talking about their new album, Suga had said that some people will say "how can they do something like that?" Seems with these new comeback photos we know why. Many fans have started to suspect that their new album will discuss controversial matters and be linked to George Orwell's 1984. The novel itself talks about a dystopian society in which people are under government surveillance and at the hands of manipulation (sounds similar to the theories, doesn't it?). We know that BTS is not one to shy from controversial issues, and we cannot wait for the story they have to tell us.

4) MAMA 2017

Do you remember the intro video to BTS' MAMA performance in 2017? Here's the video anyway.

In the intro (of the second chapter), we can see the glitching television screens that combust in the end. Well, guess what? They're back!

5) Jungkook's hair tho

version S JungkookBTS, BigHit Entertainment

If you have been a fan of BTS for some while, then you are probably aware that Jungkook is the member who rarely changes his hair color. But this year seems to definitely be different as we seem Jungkook sporting light purple-pink hair color. The question is, however, will this be his hair color in their new music video?

LOVE YOURSELF: 結 Answer is BTS' most awaited comeback yet and with just these few sneak peaks we know the album will be fantastic. In this new album, we can already see BTS showcasing their versatility as they take on such innovative concepts. Remember to mark your calendars for the 24th!!

version E group photoBTS, BigHit Entertainment

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21. "She had an attitude in the summer but now she nice again" — Blue Tint

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37. "Say you'll never ever leave from beside me" — In My Feelings

Couple goals, amirite?

Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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You Need To Make 'Love, Rosie' The Next Movie You Watch On A Wine Date

Everything about this movie just seems better after having a bottle of wine for yourself.


Romantic comedies aren't really my cup of tea. Most of them are not original, and they always follow some sort of plot structure that hasn't really changed over many years: boy meets girl; boy and girl fall in love; boy and girl go through so many difficulties that make it hard for them to be together. Despite everything, in the end, the power of love is unstoppable.

Many of these movies manage to give us false expectations of what "true love" might actually mean. We begin to crave this idealistic stories meant to be enjoyed by the public eye. These movies deceive us with the ideality that love can conquer it all–every obstacle that it is thrown our way.

I've learned to avoid many of those movies. I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's or Fifty First Dates or Ten Things I Hate About You or 500 Days of Summer. My eyes have never even grazed a scene from any of these movies. However, there is one movie that I could watch every single day of my life.

Love, Rosie is your typical cliched romantic comedy. Rosie and Alex met at a young age, and they became best friends. They spend most of their childhood together. It was Alex and Rosie all the time, and nobody could change that. However, as one grows, life begins to throw many obstacles at you (am I right???), and our characters are separated from each other. Alex moved to Boston to study to become a doctor, while Rosie stayed in Ireland to raise her baby. Alex, nor Rosie, however, had the balls to tell each other how they truly felt.

There's something about this movie that has always made me love it from the moment I watched the trailer a couple years ago. For their promos, movie posters portrayed condoms, which I thought was a really ingenious movement. (Watch the movie, and you'll understand.)

But the movie isn't set to decide the fate of these starstruck lovers in a span of a couple months. We follow them from years. We meet them during high school, and we end many years later when Rosie finally manages to accomplish her dream. And I believe that's what I love most about the movie. Love, Rosie doesn't entirely focus on the romance plot.

Love, Rosie follows the life of Rosie, a girl who had so many dreams but was stopped the moment she got pregnant at the age of 18. This didn't stop her, though. She managed to still accomplish her dreams. Rosie became unstoppable. She never let anything keep her back. She strived throughout the entire movie, deciding what was better for her. The movie also, somewhat, follows the life of Alex, who's at Boston studying to become a doctor.

The movie shows that love isn't just always the first person that you manage to meet at a bar. This movie shows that, no matter what, the true person in your life is one day going to show up in your life.

That lesson is one I've come to fully grasp these years. Love is deceitful. Love is beautiful. Love can be temporary. There's this old saying that says: there are plenty of fish in the sea. And, probably, maybe, this would be why I would recommend you to watch this beautiful movie. (Plus, the comedy is on point!)

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