The restaurant business; so many people whine and complain about the hours, the people, and everything in-between. Many who have worked in it vow to never return, and those who believe the horror stories vow to never try it.

But I love waitressing.

Any part-time job can bring in income, but I met so many people and friends waiting tables. I love meeting new people, and waitressing is the perfect opportunity to meet a whole ton of people at once; you really never know who's going to walk through that door. When you are a waitress you are able to talk and enhance someone else's experience, and I loved doing that. I received so many phone numbers and Facebook invitations, from everyone to girls I ended up hanging out with to a pastor and his wife inviting me to mass. Being able to be my bubbly and outgoing self, while offering some entertainment and good service is fun to me.

In connection to this, the tips are also stellar. I loved being able to push myself, knowing I could make more money the better and more I cared. People do shock you, and more in the kind and goodhearted way than the shitty one. I received so many compliments reflected in tips, and this is a really cool feeling. It's making money, really good money, by being yourself and carrying a few trays.

Although the atmosphere can be wild, it's worth it. The staff you work with often become your friends, because people who love to serve have servant hearts. And on a Friday night would you rather spend your shift in a library or surrounded by music, beer, and potentially a new table of friends? I know what I choose.

So next time you might think your waitress' smile and service is only for your tips, yeah it may be part of it, but trust me anyone who's a waitress wants to be, so you're in good hands.