Writing is an art form that influences people and places around the world. It is a way for artists to express themselves in a way to share with others. Writing is a written record of the past that is shared with various generations. It continues to inspire the world.

Writing is a way to showcase your voice, to let out all the emotions that have been building up inside of you. You can portray these emotions and help others understand how you were feeling at the time. It is difficult to let your emotions fly free so writing can help settle them down into a story.

I was presented with an amazing opportunity about a month ago by Odyssey. I was approached on social media to join the community at Regis College. I would have to write an article once a week on any topic of my choosing, and must submit on time to continue to be a part of the community. Before I was presented with an opportunity at Odyssey, I was having a difficult time with my writing. Then everything just fell into place with Odyssey as if it truly was meant to be.

I had writer’s block. It was becoming a struggle for me to arrange the words in my head. I was unsure of how to put sentences together for a real purpose or meaning. My confidence felt nonexistent, it was gone. My whole process of writing felt finished at the end of my senior year. I was struggling in my English class and was trying to keep up with the work as well as my personal life. When it became time for my AP English Literature exam, I was in such a fragile state. I had no confidence and almost walked out of the AP exam due to a horrible personal experience I was going through. I failed the one thing I loved.

My score was not what I wanted, it was average score. I dislike the word average since I know I am not the normal average student. I put in the effort, ask questions, and do above and beyond. I stopped reading and writing every day. I stopped believing in myself and I felt as if there was a gap in my life. I was so disappointed in myself because I knew I did not live up to my full potential.

Failure happens to everyone. It is so hard to dig down deep and move forward. The problem is forgetting about the past in order to move forward. It is difficult for me to avoid thinking about the past, so I use it to motivate me. I was not moving forward as a writer until I was presented with the opportunity from Odyssey which I will be forever grateful for.

Odyssey filled that gap in my life. Everything I knew and loved came back to me as if it never left. I was approached on social media and immediately felt welcomed into a community of talented writers. The ideas in my idea notebook could then be given a purpose. A purpose that meant that I could no longer have writer’s block and form articles that help people understand how I feel. I let go of the past when I was given an opportunity that not everyone can get.

I was able to find a voice, a voice that can make a difference in the lives of others. I can say that I am now confident in my writing. Through trial and error, I can work on making my voice even stronger to continue to share with the public.