I Asked 5 Women About Their Love Life During The Pandemic, And They Are Still Very Much In Love
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I Asked 5 Women About Their Love Life During The Pandemic, And They Are Still Very Much In Love

"Our date nights are even more breathtaking than ever before and he's always in the mood for mini-adventures."

I Asked 5 Women About Their Love Life During The Pandemic, And They Are Still Very Much In Love

Being a romantic soul, I'm often curious about the love lives of people I know and who are related to me. This time, I was keen on asking a group of women in their 30s and 40s about their relationship and whether or not it has been affected by the pandemic. Featured below are the diversely enlightening responses I received:

1. Soniya, 45

"After being married for over a decade, I cannot imagine my life without my beloved hubby! However, I feel like I'm seeing him way too much during this pandemic. Initially, our routines have fluctuated tremendously, but at least we are beginning to appreciate each other a tad bit more. It's a bit hard to digest, but he occasionally stops by to cook with me nowadays. Our date nights are even more breathtaking than ever before and he's always in the mood for mini-adventures. I'm happy to say that our relationship is continuing to blossom and Terry never forgets to get me my favorite red roses every morning."

2. Riddhima, 32

"We ended up engaging in passionate love-making during quarantine and as a result, I'm pregnant! I never thought my first time would be around such dire circumstances where traveling abroad would be too much of a hassle. Well, Armaan has been taking really good care of me and I feel we are growing closer to each other during my pregnancy. He is always treating me with my favorite meals and desserts which I just simply relish. We go out for walks at the beach and the park. At this point, I just wish my newborn will be able to enter a world free from this virus and that the three of us could travel safely!"

3. Afifa, 35

"Being a married woman for over a decade has been filled with plenty of twists and turns. I'm blessed to have married the love of my life and I feel that we are connecting more on an emotional level as our two kids are growing up. Our two kids keep us especially busy as they are still toddlers playing and running around the entire house. It's a bit hilarious, but I'm expecting a third one due in 3 months. My husband has been taking great care of me during this critical phase and I just adore how supportive he has been towards strengthening our bond along with our role as parents!"

4. Tania, 45

"I love to spend quality time with my husband without our boys sometimes. Although we would go on long drives and out to eat before the pandemic, I feel that we are still maintaining our ritual more so now. It's amazing how much we both have evolved during this pandemic as we started paying a little more attention to the little needs we each have. I truly can't imagine my life without him as he has always brought out the best in me and I always look forward to the adventures with him!"

5. Blanche, 30

"Vince and I are still madly in love with each other and I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life especially during this global crisis. Honestly, we were supposed to have tied the knot by July and we have planned a magnificent and lavish summer wedding. Sadly, our plans have gotten postponed for the time being and I sincerely hope that our lives can return to normal soon! I think we have gotten into some minor fights these past few months, but I'm lucky to have someone who will cajole me quite easily. After all, what is love without some arguments?"

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