Kickin' Chicken is a locally owned and operated restaurant in South Carolina. They have five locations in the Lowcountry and they've been operating since 1997. The Kickin' Chicken experience is casual, fun and affordable dining.

There is nothing like the Kickin' Nuggets — I always choose fried over grilled and it's the best, in my opinion, then tossed in hot buffalo or any of the many beautiful sauces with fries with a side of ranch dressing of course. And don't get me started on the Bobby Fries or ~ oh my ~ the Bobby Tots! Also, I won't forget the many other greats like the Buffalo Chicken Dip, Fried Mac and Cheese and ALL of the Kickin' burgers and sandwiches. I love South Carolina and Kickin’ Chicken so much.

I’m not sure if it’s the atmosphere of the sports bar feel that makes Kickin’ remind me of home or the smell of fried food that brings me back to my late night Cookout run days or fried food at a local fair — either way, Kickin’ is the best and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

The prices are perfect for the college budget, they’re open late, they deliver and they have a loyalty program. It doesn’t get better than a night out then Kickin’ with your homies. There will never be a time in my life that someone will say, “Wanna get Kickin’?” and my answer will be no.

Can I spare 10 dollars for a one hundred percent joyful experience? The answer is yes.

Can I imagine a life without Kickin’ Chicken ranch dressing? The answer is absolutely not.

They’ve been open since 1997, they’re local and have multiple locations in the Charleston area, so if you’re not a fan — goodbye. If you’re not from here or you’ve never been to Kickin’ Chicken you’re truly missing an all American, family friendly and college kid approved experience.

There is no greater joy than treating yourself to Kickin’ after a long week of essays, exams and ballin’ on a budget — my love for this chicken joint was a gradual one, but now I do not know where my College of Charleston experience would be without eight Kickin’ nuggets, fries and a double side of ranch.

Thank you to the beautiful owners of Kickin’ Chicken for making my college life a pleasant and casual one. My love for Kickin’ Chicken and the city of Charleston live on.