Does the commercialism of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter World take away from the story that is incredibly close to my heart?

The love that I have for this series knows no bounds. I’ve been a part of the experience since I was six. I watched the first movie when I was six, I read the first book the same year, and I just went to the Wizarding World for the first time last year.

Did I wear the entire robe, scarf, and wand ensemble? You bet your thundering Hippogriffs I did!

I had a conversation with my roommate the other day about our similar love for the story of Harry Potter — through the books and the films. We primarily disagreed on the commercialization of the Wizarding World.

The biggest point of contention on our argument was the money-making side of the Wizarding World and if we could deal with that aspect to be better immersed. My roommate explained that for herself the story has a place in her heart and mind, without the interpretation of the films. I can understand this because there's childhood connections to certain tales and books that we read, and those last a lifetime.

Where I differ is that the films and the memorabilia actually add to my childhood excitement. I want the opportunity to be a part of the world that partially has been created by the films—the score, the art work, the actualization of creatures and spells. I've come to the realization that I am more than okay with the commercialization of the films and the interpretation of the films, as I can add more and more to my treasure chest of Harry Potter nostalgia.

More than anything, I get to feel (even if for a little bit of time in Universal Studios) like I'm actually in Hogsmeade or Hogwarts, or even just Platform 9 3/4. Although I appreciate the reasoning behind my roommate's (and fellow Potterhead's) resistance to the Wizarding World, to maintain the beautiful story that is Harry Potter, I'm glad the world exists. I even hope to visit it again soon!