An Open Letter To My College Friends, Love College Mom
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Advice To My College Friends, Love Their College Mom

Take care of each other.

Advice To My College Friends, Love Their College Mom
Callaghan Carter

How have our three years together gone by so fast? I've cried with you, drank too much wine with you, acted on stage with you, laughed till we choked on air and danced until the floor almost caved in with all of you. I have been a good example, but when it came to tequila, I was a very bad example. (Learn from me, don't take five shots of tequila.)

I know, I am Mom for many of you. I check in on you daily, we eat meals together and if we don't, I yell at you to eat something in your room. We run lines together, dance to Paramore together, and bicker about Shakespearean plays and Broadway shows. I am so blessed with a giant diverse group of friends who are there no matter the time of day.

Sure, we disagree on many things, but I know at the end of the day we are always there for each other. We are a family unit.

It's going to be weird to not go to the dining hall with you for lunch, or at Late Night after a long rehearsal. It's going to weird not waving to each other across the campus mall, and it's going to be weird not seeing each of you every day. You are my ray of sunshine and make me smile the brightest.

I have made a list of do's and don'ts for you all since Mom is graduating:

  1. Please for the love of God eat at least two meals a day
  2. Take care of your mental health -- there's only one of you
  3. Spend as much time as you can with the people you love
  4. Spend your dining funds before the last two weeks of school (or you will fight who buys who food every day)
  5. Tell the people you love, you love them (even if you'll see them later)
  6. If you oversleep you better sprint to that math class
  7. Take care of each other (mentally, physically, emotionally)
  8. Drink too much wine at least once a month
  9. Do your best in class and don't be too hard on yourself
  10. Don't lose who you are in the inside.

I have learned a lot in my five years of school, and the two-three years with each of you. Some of you it's only been a year and I feel like I've known you forever. Take care of each other because these are the friends you will have for a lifetime (I hope so at least).

I have learned many of these lessons with you. You guys being my cheerleaders, getting after me about my grades, but also supporting me with my mental health and reproductive system problems this past year. I swear we talk too much in detail sometimes, but I don't have my cat here, so you all had to replace that. (You've done well don't worry.)

I will miss the shit out of many of you every single day. I'll miss your harsh snarky witty comments and the inside jokes. I'll miss boys in dresses at parties, and I'll miss going to main stage shows with you. I'll only be two hours away so I promise to visit at least once a semester if I can.

You all are going to do amazing next year. I will still Mom you from a distance, but I won't be next door or down the street anymore. It is my time to fly and see what the "real world" is all about. Don't worry, I'll give you all the spoilers on how it is.

Thank you for the best past three at UMaine. I'm glad I ended up meeting you all here.

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