I Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling Might Get My Creativity Flowing, But It Takes Too Much Time And Too Much Effort

Creativity takes time, maybe too much time.


The concept of bullet journaling has been around for quite some time, but I and many people I know are just now getting into it. Bullet journaling is traditionally an analog method for planning, meaning that different symbols mean different things. For example, a dash means a note and a bullet point is for a task.

However, bullet journaling has evolved over the years into a much more creative and extensive method of planning. For some people, it has even turned into a creative outlet. I would say that I am one of those people. Bullet journaling has given me an opportunity to craft the planner of my dreams. I get to design the layout, pick the theme, and put my personal thoughts inside as well. This is where my love-hate relationship begins.

I am obsessed with the fact that a bullet journal gives me the opportunity to create my own planner because I have found that no planner I could ever buy at the store is exactly what I want. There is always something off about "pre-made" planners, but not my bullet journal. However, this means that my bullet journal has to live up to my very high expectations, which are usually far out of reach considering my very limited creative ability. This is where I find myself wishing my lines were straighter or my theme was more cohesive.

The next issue is that although I get to let my creative juices flow and design a theme for each month, the entire process is very time-consuming. If I want my bullet journal to look like the ones I pin on Pinterest, it will take me hours to get the drawings and layout perfectly drawn, and that's just for one week.

Bullet journalling takes time, creativity, and patience, and as a college student, I really don't have that much time to spend on perfecting my bullet journal.

Will I keep bullet journalling? Yes. Will I probably keep complaining about how much time and effort it takes? Yes. Should you take up bullet journalling? If you are creative and also into procrastination like me, yes.

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