Yes, another Christmas article in the sea of Christmas articles this time of the year. But let's be honest, Christmas is amazing and we can't get enough of it. What else can I not get enough of? "Love Actually." It's not Christmas until I've watched this film at least 10 times. I can't help but think of all the things this movie describes about the holiday season.

1. When you are excited about the holidays and everyone else is indifferent

2. When Christmas morning comes and you make your way downstairs

3. When you finally get time to yourself

4. When someone asks if Christmas is your favorite holiday

5. When the Christmas feast begins and you've been waiting for the food

6. When someone gets you a gift you really like

7. When you realize it's still cuffing season and you are alone

8. When it doesn't always go according to plan

9. When the Christmas cookies run out

10. When the Christmas music comes on the radio

11. When you are single for another holiday season

12. When you ask your friends for cuffing advice

13. When your Christmas decorations go overboard

14. When you figure out the weather is going to drop drastically

15. When someone wants something expensive for Christmas

16. When someone gets you a present you don't like

17. Trying to bundle up to go out in the cold

18. Listening to all of your relatives life advice

19. When you get just a little too into present wrapping

20. When the family leaves and you can finally relax