As a college student, I know I can't afford cable but if I could, I still wouldn't get it.

Every time I ever catch a glimpse of the news, there is always a story of someone who has died; whether it's an overdose or a violent act. Most of these people, being young adults. Yes, we should listen/watch the news to stay updated, but how can we if all we see is violence, drugs, and grief?

I am disappointed in what Louisville is turning into!

Growing up, yes there was violence and drugs but not on the level they are today. I don't like the fact that I have to worry about being shot going into public places. Yes, I have watched "First 48" in the past but as they continue to film, it seems Louisville is on there more often. It makes our city seem so dangerous when we live in such a beautiful city.

Not only is Louisville relevant on "First 48," but it makes people not want to visit our city because they think it's so dangerous. Which at this point, it is making a turn for that.

This is a topic many people avoid, but it can't be any longer. We live in a society where we can't keep our doors unlocked or belongings unattended. People are easily accessing firearms and using them for violence or hate crimes. It seems you can't be safe no matter where you are; the city bus, school, grocery store, or even in your own home. Where are we safe then? We shouldn't be having violence on the scale that it is. Access to drugs is easy and teenagers are starting to experiment with drugs earlier.

Is it permissive parenting or mental illness?

In my later years of high school, the violence against young teens seemed to be on the rise. People I grew up with became involved in drugs and criminal activity. They were stealing cars, selling drugs, and carrying firearms. I have had people I grew up with pass away from violence and drug addiction. NO child should ever die before their parent! Even innocent adults are dying in broad daylight, for what? We shouldn't have to feel frightened if we go out in public that someone 'crazy' is going to come shooting with a gun! I have gotten to the point where I don't want to return to Louisville after college or even raise a family there.

I love my city and the beautiful places that are located in my city, but I'm tired of seeing people I know and love, die!

All I want from my home is peace.