Louisville Eateries
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Louisville Eateries

Where to go for almost any kind of food in Louisville

Louisville Eateries

Louisville, Kentucky is one of the best cities for restaurants. If you grew up here, you know just what I am talking about. But if you are an out of towner, don't think of going to any chain restaurants on your visit because you will be missing out on some seriously delicious and fun times. Here are some of my favorite Louisville eateries.

Bistro 1860

One of my family's go-to places for any special occasion. It has a casual and calm atmosphere with incredible food. What makes this place unique is how its menu is structured. Any dish is available in 2-3 sizes. So if diners can not decide between three choices for dinner, they can chose the small size of all three! Or get a big size of one thing or medium and small. And if you ask about the camels, you will be able to go upstairs to be surrounded by hundreds.

Please And Thank You

A wonderful place for breakfast sandwiches! And I was never one of those people for a hardy breakfast, but since having one sandwich, I have been craving it again for about a month now. And nearly all of their cold drinks are served with a lemon slice and mint sprig inside that gives them all a signature and refreshing taste and a pleasing aesthetic.

Steel City Pops

One of the fastest growing businesses in Louisville, this place is genius. It only serves popsicles and coffee. It's location on Bardstown Road is central to its success. No matter if you are just in the mood for a cold treat, or celebrating a long week at work or school, this place is sure to make you smile as you lick away at a delicious popsicle nearly the size of your face.


Such a popular place for sushi and fried rice and edamame. I have lost count of how many times I have met up with friends here for a casual but yummy dinner either before a night out or a movie night. The owners and wait staff now recognize us! And if your group is large enough, you may even get a free fun dessert! Their sushi can not be beat.

Heine Brothers' Coffee

This local coffee shop knows how to brew a wonderful cup or tea or coffee. No matter what time of day, this place pleases. It has locations all over the city to satisfy anyone in the mood for a Chaiberg or Beekeeper or Frozen Lemonade drink.

Anoosh Bistro

An upscale dining experience on Brownsboro Road just inside 264. Whatever the occasion or just night in general, I never leave feeling anything but full and happy. The bread and gouda cheese that is served when diners sit down could be the only thing I eat for the rest of my life. I have shamelessly devoured their giant hamburger in 15 minutes after returning from college.

Tony BoomBozz

In the mood for gourmet pizza? This place is my favorite spot for pizza in the city. I don't know what makes it so delicious but something about it is very impressive. Their white pizza puts a smile on my face for days. It also has locations all around the city.


Tomato soup and grilled cheese anything sandwich? Sign me up! This small dive atmosphere has some of the best sandwiches in the city. Inexpensive and casual, it is the perfect place for a lunch date with an out-of-towner while strolling the best of Bardstown Road. Anyone who has come here says "I wish my town had places like this!"

Dragon King's Daughter

Contemporary Asian food with a hippy twist is the only way to describe this restaurant. Yummy sushi and everything else in the heart of artsy Louisville is where this local gem is found.

Yea I am kind of a foodie and respect some quality food from restaurants, but hey I'm pretty spoiled by living in Louisville so what else should you expect? I could really go on for hours about the cuisine in this magnificent city, but I will leave some places up for you to discover!

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