We all know heartbreak, but the heartbreak that hurts worst of all is that which comes from the loss of your furry best friend. You forget that one day they won't be there to greet you at the door anymore. You won't feel that pit of excitement in your stomach and the eagerness to come home from college to cuddle your best friend.

You forget they leave. You have an incredible number of years with them, years of expressing your love and them expressing theirs. Why does the day have to come when the brightness in your chest and that pit of excitement in your stomach has to diminish? You know the day will come eventually, but not today, and not tomorrow. You suppress those thoughts until they slap you in the face.

And when you open your front door the only thing that greets you is cold air and deafening silence. You tell yourself it's for the best... because, "they were in pain," or "they lived a long and happy life," but none of it matters.

You take for granted their love, how soft their fur is, and how good it feels to embrace them after a long day. They know when you're upset and try their best to put a smile on your face. They get sad every time you leave the house, but they don't know how sad you are when they leave you.

It's so easy to dwell on the sadness of this loss, but there are some things that helped me to cope with it.

It's important to remember the times they made you laugh and helped you through a tough time. It is the only way to get past the grieving period. Don't fight the sadness, but know that you'll get through it. It feels like we didn't have enough time with them, but there is never enough time, which is why reflecting on the happy times is so major.

Healthy distractions are helpful when trying to recover from the loss of your four-legged family member. I began volunteering at an animal shelter, it felt good to help dogs and cats find a forever home and make them feel loved. I have also never lived in a house without any pets, so I needed the puppy love to help fill the void.

Every pet takes a piece of your heart, but there are millions of dogs that are in desperate need of love and help. Adopt your next dog or cat, because you're not only helping them, but they are helping you too.