10 Things To Do In Los Angeles When Mom Comes To Visit
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10 Things To Do In Los Angeles When Mom Comes To Visit

Sometimes it's a lot of pressure to plan a fun-packed weekend when your parents are visiting, especially in this enormous city. Here are some of the best reviewed, mom-approved activities in the city of angels.

10 Things To Do In Los Angeles When Mom Comes To Visit

Sometimes it's a lot of pressure to plan a fun-packed weekend when your parents are visiting, especially in this enormous city, so here are some of the best reviewed, mom-approved activities in the city of angels.

1. Visit a museum.

I recommend the Getty or the LACMA. Try to go on a weekday if possible to avoid the crowds, and make sure to check their websites for special visiting exhibits.

2. Brunch and bottomless mimosas.

This is such a big part of Los Angeles culture and we are so thankful it is. Try The Churchill on West Third Street in Beverly Hills, with bottomless mimosas for $15 and simply to-die-for brioche French toast. Your Instagram feed will thank you.

3. Abbot Kinney's first Fridays.

Another tradition that is so unique to Los Angeles that it can't be missed. On the first Friday of every month, dozens of fabulous food trucks crowd the downtown Venice streets starting at around 5. Make sure you hit up Kogi, famous a Korean BBQ truck that basically started the entire trend – and trust me; it's worth the wait in line.

4. Hike the Hollywood Sign.

Another “do it for the Insta" activity, but one your mother will appreciate just as much as you. It's not a super strenuous hike, and they have buses that conveniently shuttle you to the base of the trail for just a couple dollars. Be sure to wear your cutest active gear!

5. The Grove.

This square is full of restaurants, shopping, and trendy art, and is the perfect spot for a relaxed night out. It is most beautiful in the evening, as the fountain in the center lights up the ambiance.

6. Urth Café.

Urth is no doubt one of the most raved-about café's in Los Angeles, and boasts it's own certified organic coffee brand. Whether it's for a morning pastry or a late afternoon lunch, Urth is the place to be.

7. Sprinkles Cupcakes and Bigg Chill.

These two dessert places are among the most delicious in the city, depending on your taste. For a super-sweet tooth, you can try Sprinkles at any time of day thanks to its automatic “Cupcake ATM." And for the heath nut, Bigg Chill only serves low calorie and low carb frozen yogurt, but you really haven't lived until you have tried their vegan chocolate chip cookie dough as a topping.

8. Brentwood Country Mart.

Located in Brentwood Village, this collection of restaurants, shops and stores is a relaxing break from bustling L.A. life. One could spend hours in the maze of the Country Mart, but be sure to stop by Farmshop for the best selection of artisanal wines, cheese, and baked goods West of the 405.

9. Malibu Farm.

If you're looking for a beautiful view and natural, delightful food, this is the place for you. At the very end of the Malibu pier, overlooking the Pacific Ocean is an incredibly fresh, farm-to-table restaurant called Malibu Farm. I recommend a late lunch here after seeing the striking views on a Zuma Canyon Trail hike.

10. Third Street Promenade.

Every Los Angeles visitor needs to take a walk down the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade before they leave. The Promenade has everything a tourist could need from amazing shopping to hip bars to the pier, and the weekly farmers markets on Saturday mornings. And don't forget to stop by the beachfront Blue Plate Oysterette!

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