So I know I'm behind, but I recently just started watching 'Gilmore Girls.' I'm almost finished with season three, and the show is growing on me. When I first started watching it, it was kind of hard for me to get into. However, now that I've watched a good amount of episodes, its gotten a little more interesting.

As I've been watching the show, I've come to dislike Lorelai Gilmore.

During the first season, I liked her. She was funny and it was apparent that she only wanted what was best for her daughter Rory. However, the further into the show I got, the worse Lorelai's attitude got.

Don't get me wrong, she is always a good source of comedic relief, but I just cannot get past her attitude. She is always so rude to her parents. Granted, Emily also kind of drives me nuts, but Emily and Richard just want the best for Lorelai and Rory, without realizing that sometimes they are a little overbearing.

She always talks so negatively about her parents. She is so rude to her mother, specifically. She ran away from home after giving birth to Rory at 16, and she never turned back. Lorelai just kind of cut her parents out of her life, until the day she needed something.

Of course, she didn't want a handout from her parents just for Rory's school, but she wanted to fulfill Rory's dream so she asked her parents for help. However, sometimes she acts like it is such an inconvenience to visit her parents on Friday nights, which was their only request for helping Lorelai and Rory out.

Not only does she treat her parents poorly, but she also could serve to treat Luke better. Poor Luke takes such good care of Lorelai and Rory. He looks after them as if they are his family, and he serves them every morning because he knows how much they love his coffee and food. However, Lorelai yells at Luke for pointless things, and she has been stringing him along since the beginning of the show. Everyone has made it clear to Lorelai that Luke has feelings for her, and sometimes she seems to return those feelings, but then she turns around and starts dating a new guy as if Luke doesn't exist to her.

Lorelai just acts slightly childish at times. She had Rory at age 16 so I could see why she never really had time to actually grow up and mature. She had to begin acting like an adult at such a young age so her childhood got cut short.

Maybe things change the further I get into the series, but as of right now, Lorelai Gilmore is just so unlikeable.