I Thought Having A Six-Week Winter Break Would Be Great, Until I Actually Had To Live Through It

I Thought Having A Six-Week Winter Break Would Be Great, Until I Actually Had To Live Through It

Turns out, I'm just really bored.


Just implemented this year, the school decided to start doing J-Term. That is when for three weeks, students at school can earn three credit hours to go towards the actual spring semester. This caused our usual three-week winter break to turn into a six-week winter break. This also took away our fall break, which I along with numerous students felt that was a terrible decision because the time we would normally have fall break we were all exhausted.

By the time winter break came around and finals were finally over, I was very exhausted and in need of a break. The first three weeks of the break were relaxing. The only thing was that I didn't always have the car because with my brother now a licensed driver and my high school does not have bussing he needs a car to get to and from school.

But now that the holidays are over, and my school still has at least three more weeks of the break before the spring semester begins, I don't know what to do. I have been doing errands for my family as well as talk with my friends from school but of course, with my limited use of the car I can't really visit anyone from school unless it is the weekend or something. But even with that, a majority of my friends live all around Ohio and some even in places out of state. So yes, timing and gas can be a little costly.

The first week after the New Year was rung in, I really felt bored. I didn't know what to do. I know that there was one day where I tried to see if I was lactose intolerant as my stomach was being a bitch and I wanted to test something out. Then there was a day where I wanted to try and cook spaghetti and that was a success as I did not burn my house down. I spent quite a few times FaceTiming some friends late at night, but of course, it is nothing like being with friends in person.

It almost feels as if I were to be in this house for longer, that I would go crazy, maybe to a point of insanity.

I just want to go back and see my friends. I just want to go back to the town that is shaping the person that I am. The school that is helping me gain what I will need for my future career. I want to be with my sorority sisters and do amazing things with them. I want to have a Wednesday where I go to Eppler North and learn a combo with University Dance Alliance. I want to do some movie nights with my roommates. But, for the next couple of weeks until the end of the month, I am still at my house. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home and being with my family that I barely got to see during the fall semester.

But I want to go back.

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10 Reasons We Capricorns Are The Ultimate Winter Zodiac Sign

It may be cold outside but the Capricorns are heating up the season.


Capricorns get the absolute worst rep (almost as bad as Geminis). If I tell anybody who knows about astrology that I'm a Capricorn, it usually results in a "yikes." We're supposed to be cold, boring, determined people who have no fun and sit inside working all day. We value logic and knowledge but rarely act on emotional impulse. Pretty boring right?

I'm here to tell you 10 reasons why Capricorns are the absolute best.

1. We're usually pretty smart

If you need help in a class, ask a Capricorn! We usually spend hours locked in our rooms studying or working, so we have a general idea of what's going on.

2. We're practical and level-minded

Are you having problems with a significant other? A Capricorn can give you perspective that no other sign can. We can make you realize your mistakes and give you a very realistic view on any of your problems.

3. Our birthdays fall around the holiday season

You can't be mad around the holidays, so its the best time for birthdays and overall cheeriness. Only please don't give "joint" but thoughtless gifts.

4. We'll leave you alone

We are usually introverted people and typically won't speak first. That means I won't bother you in public on the train for an awkward conversation with a stranger.

5. Sarcasm

Capricorns are the most sarcastic signs (if you're type two). Our wit will cut you to shreds, and we always have a good comeback in an argument. It's good for us, maybe not so much for you.

6. We're loyal AF

Mainly because were too awkward or busy to go out and make new friends, but you can bet your butt that we'll be a true friend/ significant other through and through.

7. Most are patient (not me though)

They can sit around and wait for anything because they know its gonna come to them. Good things typically come to us Capricorns because of how hard we work.

8. We're actually sensitive

Many people associate us with cold-heartedness, but nah, we're just really good at hiding what we're feeling, so you never know when we may or may not have our next breakdown

9. We'll convince you to stay in and save money

Capricorns rarely go out, for many of the aforementioned reasons, but like why go out when you have all of the "Pirates of the Carribean" movies on DVD and popcorn.

10. We're (literally) the GOAT

Alright, I'm cringey, but our animal is the goat. So we're basically just the greatest of all time, no arguments.

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This Is The Love-Hate Story Of Midwesterners And Snow

if you know, you know.


Snow, the true definition of love and hate.

If you grew up in the midwest, you know the feeling you got as a kid the night before a snowstorm. When you would stay up a little later in hopes that school will be canceled even before you go to bed. You know the feeling of waking up to a 2-hr delay and getting some extra sleep. Though nothing beat waking up to a closed school. You knew that meant more sleep and a day of sledding, and you were so there for it.

The love you wish to feel now. That your job will call and you just might not have to go in. The feeling of staying home and catching up on things there. Almost comforting that you'll get to sleep in a bit, in the middle of the week! Wow, what a feeling of joy that is. What love you have for the snow that you hope will be coming.

The heart-warming feeling you get as you watch the weather forecast and peep out the window to see snow gracefully falling down to save the day.

You go to bed, ready to receive that phone call the following morning, saying you get to stay home.

Then you wake up.

That's when the hate sets in. No phone calls. Not your school listed on the news as closed. You peek outside and see a thin layer of snow, filling you with disappointment. You know now, that you've been let down once again.

That promising day you thought you would have and then BOOM. You have to get ready for the day. Have to get ready to face the snow. You walk out and the bitter cold that would have brought you happiness at some point, slaps you in the face.

You don't know who to blame for this hurt you feel. The weatherman, that you literally don't know how they still have their job? Your school that decided it was worth the risk? Yourself, for thinking it could actually happen?

That moment where it felt like you were the only school that didn't get closed, just like when you were a kid, the disappointment sets in… no betrayal hurts more than that.

You know now that your butt is the one that will have to walk, what feels like 5 miles, to a class that you don't understand how you even got stuck taking it. All because you hoped that wishing for snow would save the day.

The realization sets in that what you once thought was full of joy and activities, is no longer that for an adult.

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