6 Reasons Excessively Long Television Series Are The Best
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6 Reasons Excessively Long Television Series Are The Best

As opposed to short and sweet

6 Reasons Excessively Long Television Series Are The Best
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As summer looms and attention spans shorten, we must look upon the wonder of TV series to keep us occupied.

For some reason, a lot of people dislike watching long-running series with the general excuse being “It’s too LONG”.

First of all, what?

A lovely long series that has great content and characters will always triumph over a shorter one!

Here’s why watching long series is absolutely amazing.

1. You have more time to get the know the characters

How can you enjoy a series when you only see the characters for a short time? You can get the chance to watch the characters grow, mature and evolve in different situations! It’s pure bliss.

2. You have something to look forward to watching everyday

No need to be scared about having an empty life when it’s over because it’s going to take a while. Now, your days can be consumed by something you love doing!

3. You get to form close bonds with your favorites

I always feel like a proud mama whenever a fave of mine does something amazing. That bond we form with fictional characters on TV is precious and should be protected at all costs.

4. You get abnormally attracted to the characters

Given enough time, you can fall in love with some of them and get to live the rest of your life knowing that everyone else will pale in comparison. Or, you can look up all the shows/movies the actor or similar characters are in, so you can quench your thirst.

5. You can sing every note in the series playlist

It gets to a certain point that the entire soundtrack is now safely stored in your head. You know the certain music they play when a tense situation is about to happen, and you can prepare accordingly.

6. You have something to talk about with friends

What’s more satisfying than talking about your favorite shows with interested friends? You can complain, cry and be amazed by the wonderful twists that just keep coming.

So, after all these reasons, don’t you think you should give those long series like Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy a chance now?

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