The holidays are infamously known for being the happiest, most giving and loving time of the year.

It's the time where we not only celebrate life but each other. We give gifts, hugs, food and so much more to one another throughout the entirety of the season. We sing songs, perform dances and event travel to see those we love.

However, for some, the holidays season isn't necessarily a merry and bright one, but one filled with reminders about how they may not have a reason to be as happy as everyone else around them.

This letter right here, this is for you. The one that scoffs at all the decorations around your town or changes the station when you hair the bells jingling- you don't have to hate the holidays.

You are loved. No matter what you may think or who you have been surrounding yourself with lately don't you forget that you're absolutely adored and cared for by at least one person that has been in your life. Out there, somewhere, there is someone you crossed paths with and you impacted their life in some way or another. You may not think you did, but I can assure you, you did.

There are people that I simply met in passing that sometimes cross my mind, even after years later. All I can think about in those spare moments is just hope that they're doing fine and that they're nothing but happy. There is someone or multiple people out there that think the same way about you.

Don't let the last fight you got in, or the last goodbye you said spoil this time of the year for you. I know it may be hard to plaster on a smile when everything inside you is telling you to just frown and turn away but don't.

Take a moment to think about everything that's ever made you smile. The people that have affected your life in any which way, even those that you thought really didn't mean much to you but ultimately did.

Doesn't that build up a warmness in your chest? Doesn't that count for something? Don't you want that feeling to last?

Take advantage of what you feel in this moment and don't let the moment slip your mind no matter how alone or sad you may feel.

If none of this reminds you as to why you should appreciate the holidays or at least as to why some are extra chirpy during these next few months then you can dedicate your time to ensuring that others don't necessarily feel the same as you do.

There are several things you can do to spread your own joy and cheer to others who may be in need of it.

You can volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless and make sure those less fortunate have warm meals throughout the colder times and even sign up for toys for tots and arrange to have gifts delivered to those in places who don't even cross your mind.

Take advantage of the opportunities.