Twill: Making Waves.

Twill: Making Waves.

They say support small business and buy local, so what are you waiting for? Check out Twill!

People always say you should buy local, support small business, and the like. How often do you play by this rule?

Buying local is important to give back in your local community. You’re helping those that have dedicated a life to their business. You may be contributing to their child’s education, or putting food on the table. Sometimes the cost is a little bit more because things generally are not mass produced. If you look into local organizations you may find some neat aspects, such as giving back directly to locals in need.

There is a local company called Twill. This is a for-purpose company, something you may not know of. Sure, you’ve heard of for-profit or not-for-profit organizations but what is a for-purpose company? A for-purpose company is one that is profit-driven as well as cause-driven. The money earned is not only a result but a mean to another end. Another end, being a cause to give back to or making meaning for those in need. Think of it in terms of “profit for a purpose”.

Twill was created based on the childhood experience of one family local to Albany, NY. When one brother fell ill, the family had to band together, not knowing what the end would be. Their brother fought hard each day through his diagnosis and found his way. Their mother always said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and so became the name “Twill”. The company was started in their basement, their car was sold and they began to do something for those families and individuals that are struggling. For every product that you purchase, another product or some of the profits will go to a local friend in need. At checkout, you can choose exactly where your product is given (if you choose a giving product) from a list of local giving buddies. The donated products are then hand-delivered to the people they are designated for.

They have an exciting new program to help give back to the local community, The College Caring-Campus Initiative . The beta program was launched back in July with the intention of working with local students to intern for the company. Siena College was the first of its kind to sign onto the initiative. Four interns from the college population applied and were selected from a pool of applicants. Together, the college, interns and the company have created a licensing agreement for Twill to design and produce a beanie for the college population to enjoy. This Isn’t even the best part of the program. The best part is that 51% of the net profits go back to an organization in need, chosen directly by the interns! (You heard me right, 51% BENEFITS LOCALS). The organization has teamed up with the local Boys and Girls Club of Albany to donate the 51% of profits. With the money raised, they are helping to rebuild their recreation center that is used by roughly 700 children per day and hundreds of community members per week. Over 1000 people per week will be impacted by your generosity.

Currently, you can buy products ranging from beanies, to t-shirts to blankets right on their website! You can also partner up with the company to design a product for your cause. A product was launched for Hurricane Harvey relief as well as one to help the Safyre’s Angel Network which is a foundation in Schenectady NY to benefit local burn victims. If you head on over to the website you will be amazed at the collection that has already been established.

How many organizations do you know that keep money local in the community? Probably not many, so head on over to Twill to check it out.

Cover Image Credit: Twill

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