Dear Livi takeout,

I just want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for being there for me in those late nights studying in the library. When no one else was there to comfort me, you were there. From wings to meatball subs, you had it all. A true haven for the late nights I spent alone. You were also there when I needed friends. The glorious offer to swipe Livi takeout would have any upperclassmen, no matter how cool, run to us.

You brought me quality time among my peers, laughter and memories shared with a classic Livi takeout spread before us. The soft cornbread, the fresh subs, wings, and even pizza hold only fond memories in my heart. You never failed to lift my spirits on the days I was done or help me celebrate on the days that were great.

But this letter isn't just about giving thanks. Livi takeout, you broke my heart. You were never good for me. I see that now. Even the days that we had that were good, you were sill bad for me. I began carrying our relationship around like a weight. In both my heart and my gut I felt that weight. It actually roughly felt like 15 pounds. My friends began to nickname the burden you placed on me "Freshman 15" because you weighed me down my whole freshman year.

But that freshman me is gone and I can step back and say now that you were toxic. You filled me, yes, that's true. But you filled me with fries and nuggets. You knew it was just enough to satisfy me for a moment, not for long, and you'd have me crawling back to you just a few hours later. But that's all over now. We are over now. I am seeing Kilmer's Market now, they have hand-tossed salads and sparkling water. Kilmer's treats me the way I should be treated.

Yours Truly,

A better me