Living With Your Best Friends Will Be Your Best Decision Yet

College... a precursor to the adult world that contains a mix of academics, responsibility, and the challenges of maintaining the two while attempting to balance your social life.

But today, we're here to discuss it's most important aspect of college: the people.

Freshman year, all is new and so are those around you.

But as you progress into your college career, these once considered to be strangers around you will start to become the closest to you.

And living with them?

College is full of decisions.

And living with your best friends will be one of your best decisions yet.

1. You get to know them even more than you knew before...


2 . And also when to keep your distance.


3. Grocery shopping has instantly become 100% more fun.


4. You learn how to problem solve together...5. Because you're each just as clueless to the adult world as the other.


5. They have your back, and you have theirs.


6. ...And they soon become your second family.


7. Because you know that without your best friends, your college experience would never be the same.


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