why to live with your best friend

10 reasons to live with your best friend

Living with your best friend doesn't have to end in disaster like everyone says. Just look at DJ and Kimmy ;)


The key to living with your best friend is to be honest. If their cleanliness bothers you, or they make too much noise, or eat all your food and never replenish it just speak up. Especially as adults, you should be able to have someone tell you you're a slob without getting upset and moving out. If you can make it work, it's great!!!

1. It is a permanent slumber party!

season 3 fernando GIF by NETFLIX

Want to have an old school facials, popcorn, and movies slumber party? your bestie is there!

2. Midnight. Snacking.

when they come downstairs and see you elbow deep in a tub of ice cream they'll hopefully grab a spoon and dig in with you. Or take it away and call you out for breaking your diet ;)

3. Your own personal fashion police.

If you're about to step out of the house looking like a disaster your friend will stop you. (hopefully)

4. Sharing closets!

season 3 dj GIF by NETFLIX

If you don't have it, your roomie probably does. Bonus when you wear the same size shoes too!!

5. The best hair stylist is right there.

season 3 jackson GIF by NETFLIX

You know that one spot on the back of your head you can never straighten, call your roomie!! Or you're running late and need someone to do your hair while you do your makeup, call your roomie!! Or you're being lazy and just don't want to do it, call your roomie ;)

6. You're comfortable enough to be honest with them.

go away netflix GIF by Fuller House

Need to study or need "me" time? you can just tell them to leave.

7. You know each others pet peeves.

You know what your bestie likes and doesn't like. And you do your best to not get on each others nerves.

8. You have a permanent shoulder on which to cry.

fuller house GIF

You see the best and worst of each other and always have someone to cry with.

9. They are the ultimate plus one!

know how to party season 3 GIF by NETFLIX

Need a last minute date? call your bestie!! #dartyszn (And they can read your face and know when you're having fun or when you're ready to leave)

10. You will never be lonely.

You always have a friend!!

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