11 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're From Westfield, NJ
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11 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're From Westfield, NJ

Written by someone who simply isn't from Westfield.

11 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're From Westfield, NJ
Jill Catherine Talanian

There is no other kind of article that annoys me more than "10 reasons you know you're from ______" — Like, no offense, but if that is my hometown, I know I am from there regardless if this article says 10 generic somewhat relatable things. It'll be like "you went to this high school" and you read it like damn, I WENT TO THAT HIGH SCHOOL so then it helps you remember that you are from that place.

When I was thinking of what to write for this article, my good friend and freshman year roommate here at Virginia Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Jill T, a Massachusetts resident, had the idea of me writing "10 reasons you know you're from Westfield, NJ" (my hometown).

Jill began to give me some ideas and it got to the point where I realized I talk way too much about my hometown and Jill knows an absurd amount because I don't shut up. I let her do the WERK on this article because quite frankly it is just funnier. Also, she is going abroad next semester to FLORENCE so this is the least I could do for her. 

Here is DJ Jill's unreal remix of "11 ways you know you're from Westfield New Jersey." By someone who is not from Westfield New Jersey but wants to be. 

1. You spend every hungover morning at bagel chateau, and you run into your boyfriend's lacrosse coach's wife.

2. A little part of you died when they took the Panera out of Westfield where you spent your middle school afternoons

3. You pretend like you were a HUGE Whitney Houston fan since she is buried in your town even though you only know one song.

4. If Becca Freer has surprised you once in your life

5. If you ended every high school party at the local diner

6. You tell everyone you live near NYC but when you actually go to NYC you have no idea what your own name is and you end up 50 blocks in the wrong direction but with utmost confidence.

7. Your favorite music group is either Hoodie Allen or Nickelback

15 years old at a Hoodie Allen concert. We knew good music when we heard it. I also knew how to wear clothes without being too revealing.

8. You went to Dana Seigelstein's bat mitzvah

9. You were so Northside, but you secretly had a crush on the lacrosse player who lived on the south side.

10. The first thing you do when you get home from every college break is go to Nagoya

11. You get something tattooed along the lines of "no matter how far you go or how far you roam Westfield will always be home"

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