10 Things That Come Along With Living With Your Bae

Love is messy, let's go with that. Living together is either a hit or miss. Which makes the decision of whither or not to do so much harder. However, if done right, it is your best decision yet. Living together is defiantly a romantic comedy, sometimes drama but always followed by laughter.

1. No such thing as a bad day

No matter what your day had. No matter if your boss yelled at you or you missed your bus, you always get to end it with your best friend.

2. It is not all romance, but it is real

It's not going to be candles and coming home to roses, its coming home to a pile of laundry and the smell of dinner. Dating, it is easy to put up a front. You can hide behind makeup and throwing your dirty clothes underneath your bed. But when you live together all your true colors show. No where more to hide.

3. You both have your own life

They have their own schedule and you have your own. So, you two are pretty busy. When you guys were just dating you scheduled date nights, but now there is no such thing. The beauty and tragedy of living together is that you have none of that. You sort of bump in and out of each others lives. Not always a good thing, but hey, at least you don't get sick of them being there. In all seriousness, despite having different lives you two still find moments of the day to be there for one another. They are always the first person you break happy (or sad) news to.

4. Less cooking, more conversation

You two can split who cooks certain nights during the week to help work around your busy schedule. Taking turn cooking meals allows the other to focus on other task they may have around the house. When dinner is ready, you two can sit down and enjoy a nice warm meal and talk about your day. Even if you two are running everywhere throughout the day you can still have that half an hour set aside for each other.

5. Your personal locksmith

You always have someone to call when you get locked out.

6. You get to live with your best friend, what's better

Living with your best friend is always something special. You can share memories and build experiences. However, it is also a learning curve. Joint living is not easy, but you can learn how to cooperate and except others life styles/personalities.You aren't going to be conjoined twins, you need to learn to live together.

7. You accept the good, bad...and the gross

Everyone has those gross habits that we keep behind close doors. Yeah, no more of that. You get to learn all about your partners. Every lovely, little detail.

8. You become Mr. and Mrs. of your friendship group

Lets face it, you aren't just dating anymore. This is basically dating 2.0 You get to learn a lot about your partner and their friends. You find yourself dealing and taking care of things for them.Before hand you may have picked them up from work, how you'll stay on hold for hours on the phone to deal with their IKEA package that never came.

9. "I'll see you at home" texts

Your conversations become less of your day and instead a collaboration of grocery items, chores and over household essential you need to talk about. But the best thing is that you can text them, "I'll see you at home."

10. Always a hug around the corner

You always got someone to get you another roll of toilet paper, tampons runs, wake up calls and a hug whenever you need one.

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