Do you ever yearn to be a little kid again? To be so carefree, imaginative and full of hope. To just run around the house in your favorite princess costume. To eat Kraft’s mac ’n cheese and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for every meal. To be able to make friends so easily, whether you’re at the beach, park, or anywhere you go. To spend your days watching cartoons and playing with toys. To flaunt your Spongebob lunch box at school. To be extremely thrilled by going outside for recess. To laugh hysterically at animated movies. To wear colorful, sparkly barrettes in your hair. To draw unicorns and butterflies with chalk on your driveway for hours. To run outside into your backyard and catch fireflies until the sky turns pitch black. To want to be a famous singer, or astronaut, or ballerina when you grow up and to have no doubts in your dreams. To be so curious as to why adults act the way they do, and to be excited to grow up some day, only to realize that when you do grow up, you’ll want to be a little kid again.