Listen To Imagine Dragons' 'Origins' Once, And You'll Be Back For More
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Imagine Dragons' 'Origins' Forever Leaves You Wanting More

Lyrically, musically, rhythmically, Imagine Dragons leaves you wanting more; but what's new?

Imagine Dragons' 'Origins' Forever Leaves You Wanting More

I've held this album near and dear to my heart for a few months now, and I think it's finally time we talk about. Imagine Dragons has always been that band that everyone seems to know the top hits and singles to, but never quite get the full recognition that they deserve. I mean, that's a partial lie; they're pretty well known, but only for their popular stuff!

Imagine Dragons is made up of four band members based in Las Vegas. They gained their stardom of popularity after releasing their debut album, "Night Visions," featuring popular tracks like "Radioactive" and "Demons."

A little over two years and two world tours later, did they release "Smoke + Mirrors." Another two years later did they release Evolve, and just after a year of that did they release the beauty that is Origins.

Imagine Dragons has been able to carry out this steady balance of writing, touring, album release, repeat. And while this continuous cycle may get tiring, they've got a good thing going for them at this moment.

Origins has been that ongoing album that I keep going back to every few weeks. Here are my thoughts.

1. "Natural"

The beginning sounds of this album are to die for. I love the way this song begins and how heavy it feels. It gives the whole album this addictive sound of just wanting more. There's this perfect mix between quiet and loud and series of layers with instruments.

"Will the stars align? / Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our sin? Will it?"

2. "Boomerang"

I feel like this song gives off very typical Imagine Dragons vibes. Their music always gives me those hopeful, happy vibes but the combination of the music and the lyrics makes me feel so much. You can always interpret who or what it may be about and that's exactly what this song.

"Just because it isn't easy it doesn't means that it is wrong / Everything that we've been workin' on, workin' on so long"

3. "Machine"

Along with "Boomerang," this song gives me classic, older Imagine Dragons vibes. It's very heavy, beat set but so addictive. I think if I had to describe this whole album, I'd be stuck with the word addictive.

"When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine"

4. "Cool Out"

This song is so cool. I've never heard anything like it where it's so vibey and musical at the same time. There's this repetitive cycle that plays throughout that leaves you wanting more. I can't think of another song that Imagine Dragons has released that sounds anything close to this. This song specifically tells a whole story in it's whole 3-minute entirety.

"We make each other get a bit crazy / But you'll always be a part of me"

5. "Bad Liar"

I remember this track being my favorite when I first heard the album (quite frankly it still is), and I listened to it on straight repeat for an entire plane ride. I don't know if it's the sound of the music, the way the lyrics flow, the rawness of Dan's (lead singer) voice, or a combination of all. There's no way to describe this sound except for lyrically, layered beauty. It's one of those songs that you want everyone and no one to know about because it deserves all this recognition but you want to keep it close to your heart.

"I can't be what you want me to be / Believe me, this one time"

6. "West Coast"

I feel pretty connected to this song just because I live on the west coast and am finally getting some appreciation. When I hear this song I picture driving in a car with all my friends, the windows rolled down, mid afternoon, along the beach side. And if you listen to this song and picture anything else please tell me what. That's not even what this song is about, but hearing the music and the vibe it gives just gives me those feelings. It's a happy, mid-summers day.

"I'll be the sun, I'll be the waves, I'll be the one you love the most"

7. "Zero" - From the Original Motion Picture "Ralph Breaks The Internet"

To be honest, I haven't seen the movie "Ralph Breaks The Internet" so I'm not exactly sure how this song fits in with the movie, but it's so catchy on this album. I can sense some randomness with the wave it leads throughout this album, but catchy no less. It's fast and upbeat and all you want to do is focus on what's at hand.

"I remember walkin' in the heat of the summer / Wide-eyed one with a mind full of wonder"

8. "Bullet In A Gun"

I feel like if you really think about the lyrics to this song, it gives off such a raw meaning from an angle that I've never heard any other song or artist take. Not only do the lyrics such you in, but the song itself carries just a heavy beat that if you try so hard to focus on everything all at once, you're blown away.

"To make a name, you pay the price / You give your life, no other way"

9. "Digital"

All I have to say with this song is give it a chance. Because I didn't the first few times I listened to it and now I'm mad I didn't give it the full attention it deserves. Lyrically, I feel like you can understand the way that they chose to take it from. Not only do the lyrics make sense, but the music goes along with it.

"We are, we are the face of the future / We are, we are the digital heartbeat"

10. "Only"

Like Boomerang, I feel like this song represents the sound of Imagine Dragons well. With that, however, I feel like this song really shows just how much the band has grown and how much their sound has improved over the years. This song is so catchy and one of my favorites; the way it goes through each verse and chorus, it has a very techno-pop-rock sound (if that's even a thing).

"Just living in a dream / It's just you and me"

11. "Stuck"

Every time I get to this song I always forget how much of a favorite it is. The melody this song carries throughout is so repetitive in the least repetitive way possible. I fell in love lyrics of this song first, matched with the way it's sung and the sound of the music. When you hear this song you think of that one person that you never really wanna think about, but your stuck anyways.

"You were the laugh, you were the life, you were the party"

12. "Love"

This song is sung in very much real time. The song itself gives off an almost pop-folk like tune. You can't help but just sway along to what's being sung and the way it sounds. It's very real, in a sense, that the lyrics speak a truth that's so obvious but something the normal, everyday person may not think about.

"We got the same heartbeat / We're living for the same dream / We got the same bloodstream / Where did we all go wrong?"

13. "Birds"

This song is so different, I don't even know how to describe it. Literally, I don't. The lyrics of this song and the metaphors it gives is so genius. I adore the way this song came together in the end, because in the end, it's become one of my favorites.

"Seasons, they will change / Life will make you grow / Dreams will make you cry, cry, cry / Everything is temporary / Everything will slide / Love will never die, die, die"

14. "Burn Out"

This is one of those songs that when you hear it, you want to be driving and blasting the music really loud. Not that this is even one of those types of song, but it's the type of song that you just want surrounding you and encompassing your whole body. I feel this song so heavily and so strongly, I literally get chills every time I listen to it. Maybe it's because I feel such a connection to it that you can't describe but it's just weighted and heavy and there for you.

"Happiness is beautiful to see / Won't you box it up for me?"

15. "Real Life"

I absolutely love how they decided to end the album off on this track. Sometimes I get myself into a loop where I sit with this song on repeat because it's that kind of song. It wraps up the entire album, Imagine Dragons themselves, and exactly what they stand by all in this song. The music tie together with the lyrics so well, it's almost scary. I feel like I would give up everything for this song.

"And I got no words to say 'cause I think I lost my faith / But I thank you for the day when everything will be OK"

Alas, to the end we've made it again and I'm sitting here with the album on repeat. I feel like I've explained myself enough with this one, all I have left to say is:

Please tour this album already, Imagine Dragons.

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