Listen, guys, I'm supposed to be studying but instead, I'm writing this because I LOVE Lin-Manuel Miranda. My mom once had a dream about him and referenced him as "that Lin guy," so if you're reading this Lin, you have a nickname in my household.

Getting the Hollywood Walk of Fame star is arguably a big deal (I mean... Donald Trump has one so... ), and Lin has gotten a LOT of awards the past few years. However, the ceremony itself was a really emotional event, both on the presenter's side and Lin's side.

This Walk of Fame star highlights not only Lin's musical success (winning nine Tonys with "In The Heights" and like twelve or thirteen with "Hamilton"), and soon to be cinematic success (He composed the score for the movie "Moana" and stars in "Mary Poppins Returns," in theaters now).

However, Lin has also dedicated his life to others. He has been fighting for Puerto Rico and DREAMERs, for minority rights, LGTBQA+ people, and anyone who feels like they don't fit into what is "normal" in American society. He has participated in countless fundraisers, made songs, and marched alongside millions advocating for what he believed in.

Lin-Manual Miranda is a powerful man.

Even with all of that, he still takes the time to publish motivational Goodmorning and Goodnight tweets, which recently got made into a book. He cares about his fans and people in general.

So yeah, I mean he's KINDA famous, but he's also an incredible human and one of the people actively working to make a positive impact in this world.