Why Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Video Is So Important

Why Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Video Is So Important

This could be close to the last Earth Day if we don't take action


This year on Monday, April 22 was Earth Day. It was also the day that Lil Dicky released the music video for his song, Earth. As we all know, many artists have had their share of creating songs or music videos that would bring humankind together. And they do in ways. They make a huge impact and become widespread due to the artist's fame. An example of this would be Michael Jackson's Earth Song.

However, Lil Dicky releasing this specific video in 2019 is different. Maybe it's because of his way of being so blunt about topics. Maybe it's because he had a huge celebrity collaboration from many of the most popular artists today. Or maybe, it's because we only have 12 years to fix what we have done to the earth.

As he states in the video, scientists have warned us about the disastrous damage we have caused to the earth, and the horrifying results that are sure to come from them. His video is somewhat humorous in its delivery because it wouldn't be a Lil Dicky song without that dynamic. And by getting people to laugh about the funny little parts of our world's creatures and way of working, it also brings to mind how incredibly sad it would be to see these innocent creatures disappear at our fault.

Dicky is obviously putting all of his efforts into turning his video into a discussion point. Many people don't want to believe that global warming is an issue, or they don't want to see the damage we have caused after introducing an unimaginable amount of trash and chemicals into the sensitive biosphere that we live in. As a part of the campaign, he offers ways to become educated on the issues, petitions to sign, even easy registration to vote for environmentally conscious politicians.

Along with this, there is a quiz that you can take in the link he provides under his video that tells you how big your environmental footprint is. This, along with the rest of the video and campaign is so important because it helps people become more self-aware. We are often so jaded by the fantasy of social media, and technology, in general, today that we fail to see the bigger picture more than sometimes. You may be a bigger part of the problem than you even realize. This is why we need to take what we can from this music video and leave the comfort of our romanticized view of the future.

No, everything won't turn out okay. No, someone is NOT going to fix it for you. Yes, You can be a part of the change.

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