Dance Like No One Is Watching
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Take It From Me, Dancing Like No One Is Watching Is The Only Way To Go

Being yourself is important because there are already so many duplicates.

Maya Brown

Don't you love when you have an outlet in which you're able to express yourself completely? Well, for me, dance is a place where I can do that. With dancing, it takes me to another place where I feel free and I can allow the best version of myself to show. Whenever I dance, I try to dance like no one is watching because what's most important is having fun. When you dance with not a care in the world of what other people think, you're adding confidence to yourself. You're showing other people that you're going to let your colors show and not care about other people's opinions. You're letting yourself be you.

Dance is an expression of art. It's a way of speaking without using words. It's a way of telling a story by using your body movements and facial expressions. It's a way of showing skill and passion. It's a way of connecting to the music.

This semester, I have recently joined Deja Vu Dance Team at Stony Brook University, and being on a dance team again has truly brought me joy. Being on a dance team again allows me to be surrounded by people who truly enjoy and are passionate about dance. In addition, the feeling of accomplishment when the team completes a set is one of the best feelings. The feeling of seeing everything finally come together. The feeling of watching yourselves in the mirror.

In addition, being on a dance team keeps me motivated and pushes me. You realize that it's not about what you can personally accomplish, but instead of what the team can accomplish as a whole. Due to the sportsmanship, you want to be the strongest dancer you can be, both for the team and for yourself. As it's been said, "The team is only as strong as the weakest link."

Lastly, the adrenaline that is involved both during dance practices and competitions, makes everything better. As tired as I may be during the end of dance practice, the adrenaline kicks in while I dance and I end up forgetting what tired even feels like.

Dancing overall makes me happy and there's definitely not anything else I would rather spend my time doing while at school. I honestly find myself dancing wherever I am, whether it's while I am walking to class, as I do homework or even if I'm in the shower. There is a high chance that if there is music playing, I'm moving at least a bit.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

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